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Tesco Connect Screen Always Turning Off When Not Connected

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    Tesco Connect Screen Always Turning Off When Not Connected

    Hoping someone can help.
    My tablet (Tesco Connect) has been working fine until tonight. All of a sudden, the screen will now go blank when ever the charger is taken out of the wall.

    I don't believe the tablet is shutting down as once I reconnect the charger and tab the sleep button, the screen comes back on without restarting.

    The battery is full, and no updates have been applued recently. I've checked the power options but they are ok (don't shut off when not charging). I've tried restarting the tablet a few times but it's still doing it.

    Not sure what else to check so hopefully someone can give me some advice.

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    Really really interesting.

    When you plug the tablet back in and you can see your screen, set the power options to not dim the
    display when you remove the a/c plug. I believe this is accomplished by just sliding the "Adjust
    plan brightness" to full throttle under Battery and under Plugged in and then save the settings.

    Once you make this change, see if the problem persists.

    Also, when you have the tablet plugged in, when you manually dim the screen from the Charms bar
    (Screen) does it cause the screen to go black when you just adjust it down slightly?

    Odd behavior indeed for Windows (any version)...

    The only other thing I can think of is either a driver problem (video driver) or something is
    physically broke on the motherboard like a capacitor or resister or what have you.
    These components do burn out from time to time.

    Let me know what you find out..
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Tesco Connect Screen Always Turning Off When Not Connected
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