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Hardware reserved RAM (1/2 of 8GB)

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    If BIOS detects whole RAM than that missing pin has nothing to do with it.

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    So what should be the case :'(
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    RAM detection is controlled by a chip on the module. It reports the size, speed, and SPD parameters for overclocking. I have seen instances where the data is reported and the module does not work. Never have I seen if the data is not reported and the RAM module works. While many CPU pins are not used, you seem to have an issue and a missing pin. I would start there. Good luck.
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    Apparently, (AM3, didnt found AM3+ datasheet), I broke one of 64 another MB_DATA pins, which are described as "DRAM INTERFACE DATA BUS", and pin is "Bidirectional, VDDIO, single ended".

    I can imagine, that this could be the case. But as I said, I think that first use of cpu it wasnt bended and I did have this problem. But ok - is this pin so important, if yes - am I able to repair it? I searched internet for CPU pins repair, not sure if here at Slovakia someone does that...
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    Found this on another forum. Try it at your own risk.

    Click image for larger version
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    Heard about that fix too but never had reason to try. Apparently length of added wire is most important. A small piece of gold dental wire may be even better.
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    Yeah, I found out that CPU might be the problem, because I called friend and we tried to put there his FX-6100 and all worked normally.
    Will try to do something with that pin, but I think that CPU is broken anyway, because I tried this things before CPU broke.

    So, will close this thread.

    Cause: Processor broken and/or broken PIN responsible for RAM communicating, OR ??? CPU incompatibility with MOBO/ other parts ???
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Hardware reserved RAM (1/2 of 8GB)
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