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Black screen after 8.1 update Desktop and Laptop

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    Black screen after 8.1 update Desktop and Laptop

    Hello. I'm sure this has been asked many times but I'm new here and I really have to ask. I have windows 8 but lately it keeps asking me to upgrade to 8.1. This happens both on the desktop computer and the laptop. I refuse but the notice keeps coming over and over in a day. I tried the following:

    1. I can't get to where I can remove the video driver.
    2. Only option it lets me do is a clean install using my windows 8 CD
    3. The last thing I tried today was to uninstall the two updates (one a pre-requisite for 8.1 and the other for an automatic 8.1 update)

    After having done No. 3, the computer rebooted and proceeded to install windows 8.1 without my knowledge. I thought it was just updating the changes from uninstalling the two files but when it was all done, I was on 8.1 again and asked to put my password and brought me to that darn black screen. This has happened on the laptop last week and I did a recovery to windows 8 but today on the laptop, that 8.1 notification keeps coming up and on the desktop computer, I just gave up and turned it off for the night.

    I must note that I did see on the net somewhere that I could add an entry to the registry to stop the windows 8.1 notifications and then stop the automatic updates and choose which ones I wanted to update but as soon as I uninstalled the two KB files as per my search, it proceeded to install windows 8.1.

    Please someone, does anyone at all have a permanent solution to this mess? I know there are many out there who are having the same issues. Don't you think that if they are going to give you 8.1 that it should work right? I was using windows 8.1 for months and it worked ok on my desktop computer and then I went on this site and caught a virus which I very rarely do *my search* junk and it just took over so I formatted everything and reinstalled windows 8. After the updates and a couple of days later, that 8.1 notification came. Now today it started coming on the laptop too and it doesn't give the option to shut it off. It just gives the option to delay it a few hours.

    Please help because I just don't what to do. I've reinstalled windows on the laptop once and twice on the desktop and each time, I have to reinstall all my stuff. This is so useless and time consuming.

    Thank you for your help. It is much appreciated.


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    Best Bet is to download and install windows 8.1 - install your drivers and programs and be done with it..

    You can download and create Windows 8.1 setup media > Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help

    The setup media will accept windows 8 and windows 8.1 product keys..
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    KYHI.......Thank you for your reply. It's difficult to install the drivers and programs when I only get a black screen. Anyway, I've gone to different forums and I tried a list of things step by step and it still gave me the black screen. I was advised to boot in safe mode, remove the graphics driver and it didn't change anything. I solved the problem by returning to Windows 7. I hate Windows 8. There are so many bugs and 8.1 wasn't that much better. It did work for quite awhile and then I got a virus and had to format everything and reinstall and then the black screen issue started because of the incompatibility with the already installed graphics driver. An OS shouldn't have that kind of compatibility issue. Again, as for installing drivers and programs and being done with doesn't do me much good if I can't get past a black screen.
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Black screen after 8.1 update Desktop and Laptop
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