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Dell Laptop - Touchscreen not recognised?

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    Dell Laptop - Touchscreen not recognised?

    Hi guys, back again.

    I recently installed Windows 8.1 Pro as a clean install (image) onto my Dell laptop. It is an Inspiron 7737-7537 with an i7-4500u, 16gb RAM, and a Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB that I added after the fact. I bought it with Windows 8 preinstalled but I never use factory OSes, i've been running clean installs from day 1. I've been running 8.1 core though since I bought it, running 8.1 Pro now, and it seems the touchscreen just doesn't work. Under PC Info it says "No pen or touch input devices detected". Under 8.1 Core, it would have said "Full Windows touch support with 10 Touch Points". I don't seem to understand why all of a sudden it just doesn't work now under Pro. I've installed all the drivers from the manufacturer's site (except graphics and WiFi card drivers, which I downloaded direct from Intel and Nvidia.)

    Any help is appreciated!

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    You need to go to Dell's support site, and download the proper drivers for your laptop.
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    Thanks - I had done that. I thought normally touchscreen was a Windows thing installed with the OS, since even when I installed Win7 on it (which is officially unsupported because its a Win8 machine, so Dell doesn't have any official drivers for that OS) touchscreen worked from the moment I entered OOBE.

    This issue is solved for now however as I randomly started up the laptop after a nights rest (despite rebooting and reinstalling drivers thousands of times the day before) and touchscreen suddenly started working. Under PC Info it now says "Full Windows touch support with 10 touch points" like it should, whereas when I first imaged it had said "No Pen or touch input is available for this display"
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Dell Laptop - Touchscreen not recognised?
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