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Readyboost and mobility center problem on windows 8

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    Dear Gman,

    You said earlier :- " Format the SanDisk to exFAT as previously advised. Take the SanDisk out of machine. Run the tool as Admin. Reboot for good measure. Put SanDisk in machine. See if ReadyBoost works. If not, try again not to format to exFAT. "

    I understand all the above except not clear about " Run the tool as Admin " . How do i do this step please ? - jim
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    Type msinfo32 in the Start menu then press Enter. File | Save on the opened screen. In Windows Explorer, right click the saved file and choose Send To>>>Compressed (Zip) Folder.

    Attach the zip here. I'll show you which drivers you need to install still, then we will see from there.
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    Hi Gman ,

    I have attached the System Information here , thanks . - jim
    Readyboost and mobility center problem on windows 8 Attached Files
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    You don't have the proprietary Intel Rapid Storage driver installed:

    Name    Standard SATA AHCI Controller
    Manufacturer    Standard SATA AHCI Controller
    Status    OK
    PNP Device ID    PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_27C1&SUBSYS_22061B35&REV_02\3&11583659&0&FA
    I/O Port    0x0000D800-0x0000D807
    I/O Port    0x0000E080-0x0000E083
    I/O Port    0x0000E000-0x0000E007
    I/O Port    0x0000DC00-0x0000DC03
    I/O Port    0x0000D880-0x0000D89F
    Memory Address    0xFE977800-0xFE977BFF
    IRQ Channel    IRQ 19
    Driver    c:\windows\system32\drivers\storahci.sys (6.2.8250.0, 60.30 KB (61,752 bytes), 18-Feb-12 1:25 PM)
    So you can download that manually from here and install using the Device Manager, if necessary:

    You should also install latest Intel .inf chipset update:
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    Ok thank Gman , I will do as mentioned , get back to you later ... jim
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    Dear Gman ,

    I have done installing the two intel drivers - i just run the .exe files , reboot and plugged in my sandisk ex-Fat , but still not enable readyboost , format into Fat32 , Fat and Ntfs also , rebooted and tried but all remain the same response - the computer is fast enough , no readyboost . - jim
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    If that is the literal meaning of the message that you see: That your computer is fast enough (or similar) - then I suppose that is the Microsoft developers' way to tell you that Readyboost is of little to no use on the system.

    You already have the SSD so when your system has to read from the virtual memory file (pagefile.sys), it is already on a speedy subsystem. The reason for Readyboost is to lessen the impact of it being on slower HDDs.
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    Ok , thanks a lot again , you have been most helpful with all the infos , cheers - jim
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    Dear Gman , I forgot to mention that I can run disk defragmentation / optimization on my ssd . It says - Drive : System (C ,
    Media Type : Solid State Drive , I have run it a few times also , it's very fast compared to spindrive hdd . This is just for your info .
    Thanks and regards - jim
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    It's not a good idea to defragment SSD drives often. If done at all, it should be extremely rare and with special defragment software that knows it's a SSD, such as Auslogics.

    Best to Google about SSD and how to care for it.
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Readyboost and mobility center problem on windows 8
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