I have HP EliteBook 2570p laptop with built-in fingerprint scanner.
I'm running windows 8.1 64bit Pro,
I have installed the validity biometric sensor (fingerprint) driver by HP, and managed to use the HP app for login (HP Client Security),
I tried using this guide:
Fingerprint - Add or Remove Fingers in Windows 8.1
to get the fingerprint login access, but I don't have that option, see the pic:
Click image for larger version
I contacted HP for helping me with that but all they could do is reinstalling the drivers..

I also tried using this guide:
Biometrics Sign-in for Users - Disable in Windows 8.1
to enable that although it suppose to be enabled by default, but still no goal..
I tried using the first automatic method, and also the manual, setting it like this:
Click image for larger version

but both failed..

Any idea how to make it work?