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Bad sector badly need help

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    Bad sector badly need help

    I'm running win 8.1.
    I have a video file that I've downloaded via torrent. When I play the file the player freezes and it always happens at the same spot, the same using different players. If I do a recheck on the file via the torrent downloading program the program freezes at that same spot. Once that happens i cant open any programs or even restart, I have to hold the off/on button for 8 sec to shut it down.
    When I use windows error checking it doesn't find anything.
    This happened once before, I deleted the video file then, but I think this new video file got downloaded at that same spot and that's why the problem reoccurs.
    Does windows error checking check only the free space of the files too?
    How can I make it generate some kind of error report?
    Is there some other program that I can use to check for bad sectors?
    Could it be something other than a bad sector?
    The HDD is a little over an year old and I have been using it a lot but this shouldn't be happening.
    Please help.
    Thank you.

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    most ripped dvd's seem to freeze mid to end of movie.. transisition stage
    It is the movie file..
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    It's not the movie file, A) because there have been no complaints by other users for this file or the previous one that gave me the same problem, and B) it's not a ripped DVD, it's a TV rip, and C) if it's the file the it wont cause the whole system to freeze, I can't even open task manager, D) it won't cause a freeze on rechecking of the file via the torrent downloading program.
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    I just did a diagnostics on the Dell website, it says that I have to replace my HDD so I'm guessing that's what I'll do... lame...........
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    For complete confirmation, I would try to copy that file to a different folder (or same folder) to make another exact copy of it. See if the copy completely freezes around about the same time of where the video freezes, you know what I mean?
    If the copying freezes on or around that same time in the video, then there's something wrong with your hard disk for sure at that certain sector.
    If it copies the file, open that new copy and seek forward to that part of the video, if it freezes there, then there 'could' be something wrong with the video itself. If it plays through with no freezing or anything, then there is definitely something wrong with your disk on that sector that the original file is sitting at.
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    Hey guys,
    I realized that I'm the one to blame for the HDD failure, turns out I've updated it with the wrong firmware which is for another drive and I've been using it like this for months....
    Yeah, really stupid of me, I know...
    Anyway, I'm gonna be honest about it and not take advantage of the warranty and screw Dell with sending me a new HDD.
    I'm gonna do my best to fix this one.
    So I sent a message to Seagate asking them to send me the proper firmware, still waiting for a reply.
    BTW, is there a firmware rollback option? It would spare me the hassle.
    So this is my question:
    I got a SMART report from HDD Sentinel, here is how it looks:
    Click image for larger version
    That exclamation there is the only one I have showing up. Health is at 99%.
    After I fix the firmware, if I offset that thing there by -1 is it going to work properly?
    What are the results going to be like, loss of speed, loss of space?
    Can I depend on this drive?
    Is this a serious error? I have no idea what it means so please explain.
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    I've done firmware updates on SSDs and there was never any kind of "roll-back" option. If you wanted to restore to an older firmware version, you simply flashed the drive again -- this time, with the older firmware.

    Any time you flash the firmware on a device, you risk "bricking" the device if the flash fails, whether because you did it wrong, or because you used the wrong firmware -- which is odd, because when I've done firmware updates on SSDs, the update app always validated that I was using the right firmware for the right model drive. You're lucky the drive wasn't completely "bricked"!
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Bad sector badly need help
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