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PCCHIPS 580LMR - BIOS, Keyboard and HDD problems !

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    PCCHIPS 580LMR - BIOS, Keyboard and HDD problems !

    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to revive a very old computer here. It's a 15 year old machine. I intend to install Windows 2000 on it. It's more for fun, I really don't need the machine, anyway it's very annoying not to get it working.

    1) It doesn't matter the kind of keyboard I put on it (PS2 or USB), ESC and F10 keys don't work and I can't return from any BIOS section to the main page, so I can't save my configurations.
    2) It doesn't recognizes the HDD (Seagate 160GB IDE). I'm guessing it's too big for the motherboard, but I'm not sure! It recognizes the ATAPI CD-ROM correctly and boots from it.

    ** I installed a new battery on the board, checked the PSU and put new flat IDE cables. The HDD and CDROM jumpers are correctly configured.

    Chipset: SiS 530 / SiS 5595
    CPU: K6-2 500 MHz
    RAM: 384 MB PC133

    Does anyone can figure out what may be causing such problems?

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    I've seen a failed keyboard controller chip on old motherboards fail before and I do not believe they can be fixed. Sorry...
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PCCHIPS 580LMR - BIOS, Keyboard and HDD problems !
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