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how do I increase system resources to my mouse ?

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    we had a house fire here like 7-8 years ago before that my wireless mouse would work fine 20 feet a way
    since then I have needed it within 2 feet
    makes no sence
    New house wiring may be running in the walls causing interference.

    always was some lag but I just blamed it on the optical/lazer
    So you are blaming "speed of light" for being too slow? The problem was elsewhere, not because it was an optical or laser mouse.

    finally I plugged the receiver into the monitor USP port
    Bad idea! What that means is you going through a USB hub. The receiver should be plugged directly into a motherboard USB port - I always go into the back of the PC where a USB mouse would normally go.

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    actually I blamed it on the soft an optical mouse uses
    figured it was somehow not running smoothly and causing lag

    I had the receaver directly into the front port of my computer with sits abvout 6-7 feet away
    it's been acting up there
    the monitor is hooked directly to the computer back port
    and then I plugged the receiver into the monitors side port
    the monitor ports are not currently used for anything else
    and for now the mouse is much better
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    actually I blamed it on the soft an optical mouse uses
    figured it was somehow not running smoothly and causing lag
    Then it would most likely be happening to many many people using that mouse and that software. I suspect it is another conflict with Windows. You might try running sfc /scannow and see if any errors are listed.

    and then I plugged the receiver into the monitors side port
    But again, that is putting an additional USB hub between the receiver and motherboard. Also note that computer front ports may be USB 3.0 and your receiver may be 2.0. It is not supposed to matter, but sadly, they are not always as forward and backwards compatible as they should be.
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    yes the front ports are USB 3.0
    it seems to be working fine off the monitor's port
    but I could buy an extension and run it over here to be more sure
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    but I could buy an extension and run it over here to be more sure
    Can't you just plug the receiver into the USB mouse port on the back of your computer? While technically, you can use any USB port, there typically is a pair of USB ports on EVERY motherboard dedicated for the mouse and keyboard. I suggest you try them.

    Also, while most laser mice "claim" to work smoothly on any surface, that is definitely NOT true.
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    Austin TX metro area
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    I missed it, is this for a desktop or laptop? Sounds like desktop, if so, if mobo has keyboard and mouse PS/2 inputs, consider installing PS/2 keyboard and laser mouse -- response is definitely faster.
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    Look guys, it's just a simple matter of transmitter /mouse range. And yes, wireless mice and keyboards do have some lag, that's why serious gamers use wired only.
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    My Bluetooth mouse works great!
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    So does mine (part of the Wireless Comfort Desktop 5000 combo). Though I am not a hard core gamer, I have two widescreen monitors and I can whip the mouse back and forth between the monitors without any perceivable lag or jitters. And it works great for precise pixel by pixel editing of images too. And being a combo, both keyboard and mouse use the same receiver so only one port is used.

    And just for a test, I just took my mouse and keyboard out of the room and from the other side of a wall, about 22 feet away, the receiver (which is on the back side of my metal computer case) was able to pickup my keystrokes and highlight a sentence with the mouse.

    Hmmm, just noticed the specs say 1 AA alkaline battery required (included). Not true. The mouse takes 2 and so does the keyboard. But they were included - Duracell too and not some leaky off-the-wall brand.

    I don't know who makes the mice and keyboards for Microsoft, but I have several different Microsoft mouse/keyboard sets and individual devices too and all work great and are definitely well made.

    @amartin99 - did you try fresh batteries? I know you said the mouse was new, but if using batteries that came with the mouse, maybe they sat on a shelf for too long.

    I just noticed this:
    I don't have any AV here
    as I understand it win 8.1 has built in protection so I didn't bother with security programs
    To be sure, 8.1 includes the new Windows Defender and Windows firewall - and these are what I use on all my W8 systems (and MSE and WF on my W7 systems) and they are fully capable of protecting you from today's threats (in spite of what some folks, and competing product makers may tell you) AS LONG AS you keep Windows updated and you avoid risky behavior like illegal filesharing via torrents or P2P sites, you don't visit illegal pornography and gambling sites, and you are not "click happy" on unsolicited downloads, attachments, and links. Of course, those are the same precautions you must take regardless your security software of choice.

    That said, you should still periodically scan with a second scanner just to make sure your primary security software, or you, the user and always weakest link, didn't let something slip by. And for that, I recommend Malwarebytes's Anti-Malware Free (MBAM). The free version is used as an "on-demand" scanner. But note unlike other scanners, MBAM Premium (which includes a "real-time" scanner) works well with other real-time scanners so you can run them both at the same time with no worries of conflicts or bogging down your system.
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how do I increase system resources to my mouse ?
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