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Disable "Safely Remove Hardware" icon from tray

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    Disable "Safely Remove Hardware" icon from tray

    I have a Bluetooth dongle that I use to connect a DualShock PS3 controller to my PC (8.1 Pro). It has a special third-party driver installed to facilitate this. For this reason, it's detected by Windows as a standard "USB device" instead of a Bluetooth adapter like it normally would be, and it persistently shows the tray icon to safely remove it. I never remove it from my computer and I would really like this icon to disappear from my tray, but nothing I've been able to find on Google has applied to this sort of situation.

    Does anyone have any ideas about removing this? If I need to somehow completely disable the tray icon altogether for all devices I'm fine with that; I almost always remember to safely eject devices and I'm fine going to This PC to do it.
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    Just set it to stay hidden, no notifications.
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    Very late reply, I know, sorry for that.

    I could do that, but I've since discovered that external hard drives can only be ejected via the tray icon (for some reason there's no Eject option if I right-click in This PC, only if I left-click on the tray icon). Flash drives and other devices are fine, but not external HDDs. If it's not possible to disable them individually then I'll just deal with the fact that I'll have to manually show/hide the tray icon whenever I need it, but that would be incredibly annoying and I'd like to avoid it if possible.
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    For what it's worth, I have all my Doodads showing icon and notifications in taskbar notification area. I simply ignore 'em all until - something that has changed "alerts" me via an icon or two, then I begin to commence to get started on troubleshooting why and what changed.
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Disable "Safely Remove Hardware" icon from tray
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