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Windows 8 do not read udf 2.5 format

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    Windows 8 do not read udf 2.5 format

    I burned some files (16gb in total) in a blu ray (25gb capacity) with ImgBurn. The format that I used was UDF 2.5. No problem with that but when I tried to copy some files from the Blu Ray windows 8 can not read from the disc. Anybody knows what wrong with this. Thanks.

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    Dear valued Customer,

    UDF 1.02 as first released UDF revision is know by most implementation on the market. It is used for DVD-Video for instance.

    UDF 1.50 defect management makes it the usual choice for CD-RW, DVD+RW and DVD-RW (except MRW, as they do have defect management at hardware level) .

    File streams of UDF 2.00 allows to have multiple stream per file, like on NTFS. ACL and power calibration are optional features not used by InCD.

    Real Time Files from UDF 2.01 is useful for streaming, for instance video streaming.

    The metadata partition from UDF 2.50 regroups the metadata information (information about files, directory and the volume in general) in a partition on the media, so both (read) access is faster and a duplicate of this information is possible (with sector-to-sector match so a recovery software can re-build the information even if both partitions are partially damaged).

    Best regards

    Technical Support

    Ahead Software AG

    End C/P

    Not sure if this helps - but try UDF v102
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    But do you know how to read a blu ray on udf 2.50 format? or windows 8 cannot read this type format?
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Windows 8 do not read udf 2.5 format
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