i have the SP3 connected to a dock that has 1 monitor connect mini-display from dock via HDMI and another connected via USB 3 connected via HDMI and when i use a program called join.me which is a popular screen sharing solution for business i have an issue that i have to figure out.

i want to also mention that when in another location where i have just 1 external via HDMI from SP3 i still have this issue.

the issue is that within the screen sharing app i have the options to select a screen to share or just a particular window like Chrome or PPT and although a window share often works as it should it forces me to relselect a windows every time i change what im presenting like from Chrome or PPT which is a hassle.

so what happens is that they do not see the appropriate screen i select and even when i do select a screen it should place a orangish colored line around that selected screen but instead it will be correct lets say on the far right border of the farthest right monitor but the orange line that defines the screen area will go 1/3 of the way into the next monitor to the left of it rather than just the monitor it should be on. its tough to explain so here is a screen shot:

the orange line you see there is coming from the right monitor selection and that is a screen shot of the left monitor meaning that orange line should be the outline of only the screen i selected to the right and not be bleeding or visible into the left monitor at all.

i had this issue once on my Mac laptop and the easy solution was to open up Display Options and then adjust the overscan of the monitor getting that orange border to be back where it belonged and so no issue when i use my Macbook.

does this overscan option exist for me on my SP3?

any thoughts or suggestions on how to fix it?

i apologize for the long post and hope someone has a solution.