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Lumia 1520 connects to some Wifi devices, not others

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    Lumia 1520 connects to some Wifi devices, not others

    My Lumia 1520 has no problem connecting to the WI-FI in my home and the WI-FI at my friend's house. However, every time I'm in a public place with WI-FI, I get an error message that I can't connect. Also when I'm at a restaurant or a shop or in a mall and they have WI-FI and they give me their password, I enter it, and get a message that the Lumia can't connect. (Totally infuriating - it never says why.) I try inputting the same password a few dozen times, then give up and use my Android phone, which has no problem connecting.

    WI-FI networking is set to ON, WI-FI Sense (Connect to WI-FI hotpots) is set to on. My location is turned on. In EVERY case I can see the WI-FI network listed, so that isn't the problem. Any suggestions are appreciated, but please don't tell me to turn on WI-FI networking or WI-FI sense or my location, because they're all ON. Thanks!

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    This has been a VERY common problem with Windows 8 (and Windows 8 Phone) exactly as you are describing.

    The typical fix is the put the Lumia in Airplane mode THEN enable the wifi.
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    Thank you kindly for your reply. So, (1) disable WI-FI, (2) Turn on Airplane mode, (3) enable WI-FI (with Airplane mode on?)?

    I will try it next time I'm at a restaurant or club...I hope it works. I wonder what Microsoft is doing about it...(good luck with that).
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    That is fine though turning on Airplane mode will automatically disable both the bluetooth and the wifi. This is why you want to re-enable wifi with Airplane mode on (which it will do)
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Lumia 1520 connects to some Wifi devices, not others
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