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SSD misread on Windows (attempting to clone drive)

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    That would be a connector for the HDD to MOBO - can't say for sure it will fix the 3F0 errors - although that appears to be the general 3F0 fix
    And for less then $4 - you don't have a lot to lose..

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    I don't know if you're still having this issue but I was dealing with the same thing. My Magician wouldn't recognize that my SSD was plugged in. I then did a bunch of research and even read through most of this threads comments and think I have a solution.

    So for me, its that when I went to install Magician, I didn't realize that Magician is NOT what you are supposed to install to CLONE the SSD from your HDD. Insert that Samsung disc again and you should notice a different program you are able to install called Data Migration. This will see both your SSD and HDD and you will be able to migrate all your data onto the SSD (clone it). Magician, I learned, is for future use of the SSD after it is all installed and cloned to keep it optimized, etc.

    This thread is a few months dead so I'm sure you've figured it out, but I just wanted to put the issue to rest. And I hope this is the correct solution to your problem, and I'm not crazy.
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    Okay so I just explained the solution pretty extensively but it didn't post so eff this I'm just going to write it again quickly.

    I THINK I figured out your problem after reading through most of this thread. So the Magician program is for AFTER the SSD is already cloned and is used for optimization and maintenance, etc. The Samsung install disc that comes with the SSD has another program to install (which I missed the first time I installed Magician and is why my computer would not recognize that I had the SSD plugged in as well) called Data Migration. Connect your SSD via sata2usb cable and open Data Migration and this tool should be very simple to walk through and clone the data from your HDD to your SSD. After that, the Magician tool should recognize the SSD which you would probably just install into the sata bay inside the computer.

    Hopefully this helps and solves your problem. Or it was just pointless because this thread is all ready a few months old and you've probably figured everything out by now.
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SSD misread on Windows (attempting to clone drive)
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