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Is my CPU hot?

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    63C is fairly warm, but not hot.

    You should never use benchmarking programs to determine your maximum temps because they intentionally stress your system beyond realistic real-world scenarios.

    What are your temps when you are maxing out your system with your normal programs? If they don't stay above 60C more than few seconds, I don't worry about them.

    Note it is your case's responsibility to provide a sufficient supply of cool air flowing through your case. Your CPU fan need only toss the CPU's heat into that flow (and note today's Intel and AMD OEM coolers are fully capable of keeping their CPUs adequately cool, even with mild to moderate overclocking).

    If your temps are staying above 60C for extended periods, you need to make sure the case interior is clean of heat trapping dust and your air intake vents are clean and not obstructed. If clean and still too warm, then you need to look at adding another case fan, or replacing existing case fans with fans that move more air. You typically want front to back air flowing through the case so I like at least one large (120mm or larger) fan in front drawing cool air in, and one large fan in back (not counting the PSU fan) exhausting heated air out. Blowhole (top mounted) fans exhausting heated air out can be very effective. I have found side fans can disrupt the desired flow through the case unless they blow into a tube that channels the air directly onto the CPU or GPU. I like double wide graphics cards because they typically exhaust the GPU's heat directly out the back instead of back into the case interior.

    Note it is physically impossible to cool an object below the ambient temperature with conventional (heatsink and fan) cooling. So in the screenshot in Post #8 above where we see 10C (50F), 6C (42F), and 16C (60F), those temps are not possible unless the temperature in your room is well below 42F. The "wind chill effect" only affect living tissue, not hunks of metal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hbomb View Post
    I can hardly believe your temps... unreal low. what do you have on the cpu, liquid nitrogen?

    Quote Originally Posted by caperjack View Post
    edit , I think I might have been wrong .just ran the program on mine and my temps are way less than yours ,sorry for the miss info

    no ,those are ok temps for you computer
    can see all the app that running ,but one could be video card chip. the amd fx one is the motherboard processor

    prime95 can over stress the cpu to push up the temps

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    nope ,just what ever came with the cpu, but I think it the program ,maybe
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    but I think it the program ,maybe
    For sure, unless your room temps are near freezing.
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Is my CPU hot?
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