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Mouse movement causing huge interrupt latency

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    Windows 8.1 Pro and Media Center

    Mouse movement causing huge interrupt latency

    I set up a new system 2 months ago (mobo+cpu+ram+gpu). Fresh install of w8.1 with drivers from manufacturer install disk. I started getting huge lag spikes, which appear mostly when dragging windows around on the desktop or wiggling the cursor around. Basically the whole system just halts for 0,5-1 seconds. Also happens mkv playback, browsing etc, but most notably when moving the cursor.

    I thought I messed up with the installation of windows so I reinstalled it again. No help there, so I started going through things that could be causing it, mainly bios settings, mobo drivers and various windows settings. Especially the management engine driver and HPET timer forcing/disabling. I thought I had it fixed for about 5 weeks, which it worked perfectly.

    Couple weeks ago I upgraded my cpu. The system was 100% stable with 4,3ghz cpu overclock and some gpu overclock, IBT very hard passes, some tough memtests and 30 hours of Dying Light without any problems. Everything was fine until I needed to fix a non-related mobo network driver memory leak. Just a simple registry fix to stop network monitoring at system startup, but I also ran ccCleaner. After this the problems started again and its unbearable.

    Mouse movement: I've used 3 mouses and the ones with high polling cause the worst problems. With 500hz/1000hz the interrupts become apparent eg. full second halts, but with 125hz settings its not that apparent. The latency is lower, but still there are problems, low fps in games for example and infrequent and varied BSOD's. I use windows' own drivers for mice. When I installed logitech gaming center drivers the computer started bsoding 10 seconds after every boot, so had to roll back. Also, according to mouserate.exe it seems that I cannot activate 1000hz in zowie, only 500hz. But if do it anyways, the problems are far less, than at 500hz setting even if reported rate is around the same. G400 reports 1000hz, mx300 reports 125hz.

    System settings: I know the problem has to do with the system clock/syncing rate somehow. The system halts happen when the processor is changing power saving state and frequency (800-2100-3500-3900mhz). If I disable EIST I will not get any halts, just like when I use a lower polling rate mouse, but the problem persist (low fps, bsod's). Overclocking/stock does not affect the problem, nor do the power saving states (apart from eist, but not really a fix). I haven't even tried disable HT, because it has worked before and the pentium did not even have HT and still had problems.

    Drivers: The final culprit for the latency is wdf01000.sys, but I don't think it can be updated. I also don't think it's the one causing the problems, because why would it suddenly break when it hasn't been modified. There was an automatic intel management engine update 2 days ago, at the same time as the problems started. I thought it was that causing it and did the update from windows update. I think it might have helped for like 1 reboot and then stuttering again. I've tried every management engine driver I can find, there's no difference. Even without a driver it stutters. I've tried enabling/disabling HPET (forced on and apparent in device manager by mobo, cannot disable) again, no results there either. Bios has been updated twice. As a last resort used TweakBit Driver Updater, the program did update a couple of the essential drivers, but it didn't help either.

    Basically the system has been doing this error from a 2 hour old fresh windows install and also now in a 2 month old, so I believe I have not messed up anything. If I can manage it, I will refrain from reinstalling windows, because already did it and did not help. So here i am. 10 points to you if you read the whole thing. Now please help?

    GigaByte z97x-gaming 3
    i7-4770k (g3258 anniversary), proper cooling
    Crucial Ballistix sport 1600 2x4gb
    GTX 670 (Gtx 470)
    Corsair TX750

    Zowie FK1 (G400, mx300)
    Samsung display 22"@ 120hz (60hz, no difference)

    Click image for larger version

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    Have you scanned for any infections with programs like Malwarebytes or Superantispyware?
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    Windows 8.1 Pro and Media Center

    I did run some scanners, but they found nothing, just deleting cookies and other stuff I actually do use.

    Yesterday after the first post here, I started getting frequent bluescreens with SPECIAL_POOL_DETECTED_MEMORY_CORRUPTION. At least 5 boots in a row before even logging in. That has something to do with the system not being able to load graphics drivers. I had to reinstall windows, all drivers with gigabytes app center downloader and let windows update over night. Today I came back to find the computer recovered from a bluescreen yet again. So I'm thinking this might be a hardware issue, no way did I mess something up with driver installation 3 times in a row with a fresh install. Currently I'm not getting any mouselag/stutters though and latencies are back to the normal under ~100us range. But I have a feeling it'll be back as it has been before.

    If it's hardware causing this issue, it has to be mobo, ram or ssd (2010 Intel X25- 80gb G2), because everything else is proven working or has been replaced already. I'm actually starting to think it's the ssd, because apparently I'm getting all sorts of random driver errors, even if the drivers are installed correctly (latest nvidia with DDU fresh install). I've had some minor problems with the ssd before, when I forced TRIM on it from windows own service, although it does not support it. Can this harm or break the drive permanently so that even a full reinstall of windows does not help?

    Are there any good programs to test my SSD health? SMART gives nothing, pic related, looks like brand new, or does it? Can I refresh the drive somehow? If I wanted to write zeroes to the whole empty space on the drive, what would be a good program to do it with? Or should I do another full format with a decent dos-based formating software?

    Click image for larger version

    Edit: There were 2 bluescreens with the fresh install of windows while the computer was just sitting idle:
    12:31:10 GMT
    This was probably caused by the following module: nvlddmkm.sys (nvlddmkm+0x16F3B6)
    7:33:49 GMT
    This was probably caused by the following module: nvlddmkm.sys (nvlddmkm+0x1DC00D)
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    Hi Kese,
    Please post your request in BSOD crashes and Debugging section to get more response from experts, read the BSOD posting instructions. In the meantime try different NVidia drivers and see if that helps.
    Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
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    Windows 8.1 Pro and Media Center

    I do not get it. I pour mountains of info about my problem which is obviously driver&hardware related, since drivers are crashing and hardware is malfunctioning despite numerous attempts to fix it. Only reply I get is "scan for viruses" and then after another essay: "move away your post". It is r e a l l y hard not to get frustrated about this forum. I did post here once before and got 0 replies so I guess this is a step up. Maybe I should just act all stupid and lazy, and post no info at all? Nobody gives a crap about the request to "describe your problem as accurately as possible".

    If the moderators are gonna act all high and mighty about this rant, then please look in the mirror, consider what I actually said and take note. This is not the way to run a support forum.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro and Media Center

    "verifier /reset" to disable special pool and other driver verifier flags. Most latency gone and pc is usable again.
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Mouse movement causing huge interrupt latency
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