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Startup and boot problems with 2 OS on 2 phys drives

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    Startup and boot problems with 2 OS on 2 phys drives

    Hey guys.

    I have an asus p8z77-v LX, Core i7, 8GB Ram.

    Ran 2 OS on two distinct physical drives :

    1. Win 8.1 on Samsung 840 pro 256GB
    2. Win 7 Ultimate on WD 1TB

    also have a 4TB WD without OS.

    Now the boot order was that the SSD is first, with the 1TB connected too but as a slave. It was the main OS I used.

    When I wanted to load Win 7 instead, I would just disconnect the SSD and the 1TB Win7 load. I would also connect another old 150GB drive as slave. At some point it started to constantly try to chkdsk for all or some of the drives on startup (while still a black screen).

    When I tried to put back the SSD win 8.1 and change the boot order in it`s favor, I would usually encounter a problem loading, some of the problems would include:
    * Windows would take several minutes to load (instead several seconds)
    * Stuck for a long time after login to windows
    * different windows startup error messages
    * Stuck on Asus MB screen then restart
    * "No proper boot device" message
    * PC is on but screen is off

    Also the 4TB WD would be constantly 100% busy (maybe because of drive letters mix)

    A month ago, the problem has escalated so that Win 8.1 was dead totally. I formatted the SSD, then used samsung magician to erase and restore the drive to manufacturer settings. Installed win 7 on the SSD.

    When I went back to the 1TB win7 to download some drivers, then came back to the SSD win 7 - it didn`t load but with an error message relate to a recent hardware chagnes.
    Now it says select a proper boot device, it won`t even detect the SSD.

    Those boot changes must cause trouble.

    A. What to do now ?
    B. Is there a way to use 2 OS on different drives without causing problems ?

    Please help.

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    B. Is there a way to use 2 OS on different drives without causing problems ?
    Yes ... but it depends on how you want to select the OS to boot into and the order in which you install the OSs.

    If you want to select the OS by manually choosing the boot drive in the BIOS, then the simple solution is to install each OS to its own drive -- with only that drive connected during the installation. Since each drive is then bootable on its own, you have to change the boot order in the BIOS to switch OSs.

    Another way is to first, install Win7 to its own drive -- with only that drive connected. Then, with both drives connected, install Win8 to its own drive. Win8 will detect the Win7 installation and will actually write its boot loader files to the Win7 drive. When you reboot, you will be booting from the Win7 drive but you will get an OS selection menu with entries for Win8 and the Previous OS (Win7)
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Startup and boot problems with 2 OS on 2 phys drives
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