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USB 3.0 transfer speed slow , pendrive: hp v250w

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    USB 3.0 transfer speed slow , pendrive: hp v250w

    I have two hp pendrives of same model v250W.

    When i transfer data to one pendrive the transfer speed stays in between7MBPS to 8MBPS.

    On the second pendrive it stays in between 2MBPS to 3MBPS.

    Please anyone suggest how can i repair the second pendrive.

    Thanks in advance

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    It depends on how old the drive is. As they get older, their flash memory wears out and they become slower. You could try to use software like KillDisk to reset the drive completely, however it is not guaranteed to provide any increase in performance. Be sure to backup beforehand.
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    Hi Qub1,

    The two pendrives are same , both are hp v250w 8gb pendrives .

    I am trying to copy same file on both drives ,a movie mp4 file of 700 MB.

    I formatted both pendrives same way, the long format with FAT32 filesystem.

    My laptop has 3 3.0USB ports ,i have tried on all ports.

    One pendrive is 2 years old , transfer speed 7MBPS.

    One pendrive is 1 month old, transfer speed 2MBPS.

    I will be taking second pendrive to hp service center soon but i thought if i can resolve it online then it will be good.

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    HP Pen drives are always going to be slow transfer rates. Most Pen drives are going to be either USB 1.x or USB 2.x. Also low grade components are used to make these devices cheap to the consumer.
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USB 3.0 transfer speed slow , pendrive: hp v250w
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