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Chipset overheating - Graphic Card to blame?

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    Chipset overheating - Graphic Card to blame?

    There's going to be a lot of guessing from my part in this post, and the post will be lengthy -I apologize for that.

    My old computer (Asus rampage II Extreme, Intel i7 920) recently died. I believe the north bridge on the motherboard overheated and fried. (Not sure, wasn't able to test all the parts.)

    I decided to buy a new motherboard, and while I was at it I bought a new CPU and RAM as well (since the old wouldn't fit the new mobo anyway). My old computer were about 5 years old or so, so a hardware update was due anyway.
    I had to settle for somewhat cheap parts, since my budget won't allow the parts I really want right now.

    At first I thought that my old mobo's chipset fried because they were old. But when I got the new parts and installed them I notice that one of the chipset coolers (I think it's a chipset cooler at least - I also believe it's the north bridge) is running very hot when I'm gaming. (I opened my computer and the cooler is too hot to touch - while I can touch the Graphics Card cooler.)

    I noticed while playing CS: GO last night that I sometimes got random "freeze lag". I asked if anyone else got it too, and they said no (so I'm thinking it was a hardware problem for me, not a connection or server problem like I was hoping for.)
    My FPS were between 120-250 at all time, so I'm guessing my Graphic Card were working just fine.

    So here's my conclusion: Since the old chipset overheated and the new one seems to be running unnaturally hot - maybe the graphics card is responsible somehow?
    I have been monitoring my computer's temperatures closely using different software such as Open Hardware Monitor and Everest. These two programs both show the temperatures are within reasonable values - but one I touch one of the chipset coolers it's really hot (I would guess maybe 60-70C). So my guess is that my mobo doesn't have a sensor under that particular cooler.

    (I'm not even sure if it's the north bridge underneath the hot cooler. I'm thinking it is, because I heard the north bridge takes care of the PCI-ports, meaning it works a lot during gaming. Correct me if I'm wrong.)

    Finally here are my current parts:
    Motherboard: Asus M5A97
    CPU: AMD FX 8320 Black Edition
    RAM: Crucial DDR3 BallistiX 1600Mhz 8GB
    GPU: Geforce GTX 770 Windforce 2gb

    I don't want to fry another chipset, and would love some advice on fixing this problem.
    Thank you in advance.

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    A larger issue exists with gamers than with most consumers in that the games demand better quality parts, particularly with the power supply. Insufficient power to the motherboard can cause heat issues. Most of the add-in graphics cards specify a minimum power supply and as a rule-of-thumb when I see gaming issues is to install a power supply rated at 150% of what the card suggests, e.g. a 450Watt unit instead of a 300Watt unit.

    In other terms it's like a car, the faster it's pushed or the harder it has to work the more fuel it needs.
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    So, hello i have the exact same problem only with the asus m5a99fx pro 2.0 and my fx 8350 4.0 Ghz, 780ti OC, 600 watt psu and fractial define s case, with over kill airflow, cause of my chipset, and north bridge overheating. So all the other games work great, except cs go. Now i mostly play cs go, 4:3 streatched around 250 fps all settings on low. While i play like 1 mm game about 40 minutes, the lagging appears. The screen becomes black, and the sound loop in the back ground. Every 5 Sec it happens, and after about 10 first sec. it stops to lagg, but when you try to walk in cs go forward it happens again. And than i probably end restarting the computer losing the game

    Now if someone has a hint, or what should i fix ty for everything. And i should also mention that i have hyper x beast ddr3 ram, which is 2133 hz, and i have underclocked it for some reason cause i thought it would help with overheating problem. IT DIDN'T
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    this utility is for Informative purposes only!! ( at this point for you) this is to look at information assuming you have an INTEL chipset etc..

    run this and picture please..

    click the little wrench and make sure to show more..

    Click image for larger version

    ALSO have a look at power management and see what you got going on there..

    Click image for larger version
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Chipset overheating - Graphic Card to blame?
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