Hi all. In terms of gaming, hardware and things like that, I am pretty experienced.

This one has me stumped. I have searched places I know that might have a fix, but found nothing helpful.

I recently purchased a Plantronics Gamecom headset, and am really enjoying it, but there is one serious issue.

I have a G110 keyboard, and plug my gamecom into the input ports on the keyboard. Whenever I talk into my mic when its plugged into the keyboard, I sound like a chipmunk, super sped up. Unintelligible.

This also happens with my C310 webcam, but when it happems with that all I have to do is disable and re-enable it from the recording devices panel, and then it works fine. I attempt this with the g110, which is listed as "USB PnP Sound Device" in my recording devices, but I am still a chipmunk. The only way I have been able to fix this is by going into the device manager and uninstalling the "USB PnP Sound Device" driver, and allowing it to reinstall itself.

Obviously this isn't an option for continued use, as the fix takes too long to apply.

The mic works fine from the mic inputs on both my front and back panels without needing any fixes applied, and also works from my mbox profire, an audio interface.

Pertinent other information:
Windows 8.1 up to date
Mobo - Asus maximus V gene
Headset - Plantronics Gamecom 380
Keyboard- Logitech G110

programs tested with - Team speak, Ventrilo, Windows native mic listen, Skype, various game chats via steam - all produce the same results, after uninstall and re-install it works fine until restart