This began randomly when playing a game I believe, havent really been able to pinpoint it down. Basically my computer started booting to a black screen. Having had problems in the past with the 7970m, i uninstalled the drivers, cleaned off all of the AMD folders/files, and rebooted. Same thing would happen, after about 10 seconds (from I assume windows auto-installing the drivers). I booted back into safe mode, and disabled driver updates. Computer runs fine on the integrated 4000 intel chip, but whenever I even try to install a driver for the 7970m, it freezes, and loops the last .2 seconds of sound. (leading me to uninstall the driver, disable the card, and boot back into windows, using the intel chip).
I have done a fresh install of windows 8.1 and disabled driver installs, and started with the cd drivers, but the same result occurs. Im at a loss. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks
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