Thanks for your reply.
I am aware that Kingston has a good reputation.

However my problem is with the latest technology, Solid State Drives (SSD as opposed to HDD).

This new technology along with USB drives, I think will change the world of desktop computers.
The Big HDD will give way to the smaller, faster SSD, the CD drive will be replaced by the USB drive.
Also the big power hungry Power Supply will be downsized.

This means that the whole desktop will have to be redesigned!

Smaller case, better power supply, smaller & faster SSD, elimination of the CD drive ETC.!

The implementation of the SSDs is the first step in this evolutionary process.
This means the SSD must be fully capable of the running the latest editions of software & APPS.

This is my view, but in the 85 years of my life I have so many companies miss the market in computers.
To name a few Gateway, Dell, DEC, IBM, Radio Shack, Blackberry, Etc,

That old FART