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    SSD Drives

    Has anyone tried to use an SSD drive on an Win 8.1 Desktop?

    If so what were the results?

    Does improve speed?

    Is it worth the cost?


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    Hello Tully,

    Using a SSD to install Windows on will always give you a dramatic improvement in performance versus using a HDD.

    I'd say it's worth the cost, but you can get a SSD with less space to help cut costs if you don't need much. I wouldn't get anything below 60 GB though.
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    Will buy a Kingston HYPERX 480GB.
    It comes with cloning software & conversion tray for the HDD space.

    I will put it in my Win 8.1 Desktop!

    Wish me luck!

    Will keep you posted!

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    Once you have it up and running, you'll wish you had done it sooner!
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    Hope you are right!

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    Yes. I have used a Crucial m4 64gb SSD & a Crucial M500 240gb SSD with Windows 8.x.x with no issues.
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    Enjoy. Please let us know what you think when you have it up and running from the SSD.

    You won't be disappointed.
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    Truthfully i would go with a Crucial MX100 256GB or 512GB. Good price and performance. Had 2 on my system for awhile Windows 8.1 64bit, Kingston maybe less, but Crucial gotten good ratings.
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    the crucial is the best value for money.. otherwise go Samsung Evo/Pro.. there is no point for other.. hope you didn't buy the kingston yet..!
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    Well I knew what I was getting into!

    Good thing I tried it on a non critical Desktop!

    It is a Kingston HYPERX 480GB update Kit.
    Comes with drive, mounting plate to fit desktop drive bay & ACRNIS cloning software!
    Oh Yes I forgot, a fancy screwdriver for putting in the mounting screws!

    Installation went well set the boot drive to cd drive inserted CD 7 it booted to a menu for the same instruction on how to in stall. It stated that after the installation was complete to change the boot drive to the Kingston drive.
    Did that! Rebooted & it partially works!

    It runs all the software from Win7 from the win 8.1 charms, but just goes to the desktop on most items!

    It needs a firmware update to win 8.1!

    However when I went to Kingston's on-line service it is so complicated that it is useless.
    For instance it wants the version number that is not available on the HYPERX drive & will not send the Email without it. Even a fake one!

    It is perfectly obvious that Kinston is NOT interested in Desktop Computers.

    Now, after the fact, I see a post that cautions me about Kingston!


    I will get this SSD working because it is FAST, but not worth the time, which I have plenty of, money & aggravation
    with, no HELP, Kingston!

    If anyone out there has any comments, suggestion, help or sympathy, please POST

    I can still use the computer if I need to. I am posting this from my ASUS Motherboard desktop running Win 8.1 & a KINGSTON HYPERX 480GB SSD.

    These kinds of problems are not new in my 85 years! At least it was not BSOD like many cases!

    That "OLD FART"

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SSD Drives
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