Hi, my old Sony Xperia Neo V was set to connect to my Windows 8.1 laptop as USB Mass Storage device. It had a microSD card. So when I plugged it in through the USB, Windows 8.1 displayed just a microSD device called "MICROSD" in THIS PC. When I transferred music or whatever, the pop-up window looked like this:
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That's all right. Works like if I plugged a Hard Disk drive or flash memory.

But now, when I connect my new Samsung Galaxy Core II with android 4.4.2, there's no Mass Storage option. The most similar option is MTP (Media Trasfer Protocol). Now, in THIS PC there's a drive called "Phone". Inside Phone, there are 2 other drives called Phone and Card. So the first weird thing is that the laptop does not recognize the microSD as a drive itself (I think this is an Android 4.4.2 issue that does not support USB Mass Storage). When I transfer something to the microSD card, this window appears:
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Why does this windows look different?
Why there's no speed transfer graphic?