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I unplugged my other monitor. It still has those dang lines.
I had same NVIDIA 650 video card once and it just dawned on me now you only have 2 DVI and Mini HDMI, do not know what you were using, but unplugging other good monitor is not going to show if any connectors on either end are bad, try first to reverse DVI's on NVIDIA card, because i just realized it maybe possible a port on card is giving you issues, even use a DVI to VGA adapter to hook to the VGA Port (D-Sub) on the LG Monitor to also rule out if any bad ports or if you have a mini HDMI to HDMI cable,you try that too.

Otherwise if plugged the LG Monitor into a different location away from it's original sources, tried different cables and ports on both ends with both monitors and only this one giving you issues, then there is something else wrong with monitor inside possibly.