Reset or Troubleshoot Windows 8 Tablet From The Login Screen Without An Attached Keyboard

I thought Iíd put this information up in a more visible place, that I figured out with Pigpen in his thread, for anyone that needs to access the Troubleshoot options, including Reset, whoís tablet does not have a physical keyboard available and need to use the on-screen keyboard which is not normally visible at the login screen for this operation.

1) Turn your tablet on to reach the login screen.

2) In the lower-left corner you should see the Ease of Access icon; press that and select the keyboard option.

3) Hold down the Shift key and press the Restart button in the lower right of the screen. Your tablet will reboot.

4) Choose Troubleshoot option, which includes a reset option, press your choice of action and follow prompts

Note: I donít have a Windows 8 tablet so I canít give any more detail than this..