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Multiple drive letters and odd devices

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    Multiple drive letters and odd devices

    New box is together. Windows 8.1 64-bit.

    When I look at my drives in file explorer, a couple drives have multiple drive letters...

    For example, my data backup drive, which is only one partition, shows up as drive "Int data backup (T(T(T" - unfortunately, it keeps changing the colon and closing parentheses to that goofy smiley face.

    Same for a couple others... I've never seen this before in Windows 7, so what is this? Do I need to do something about it?


    Also, in "Devices and Printers" from the control panel, I have FOUR occurrences of "DIRECTV2PC Media Server" and FOUR occurrences of "DIRECTV Mediashare Renderer"

    Do they have anything to do with the multiple drive letters? What the heck are they for? And can I delete them?

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    It appears your PC is connected to a media Share network
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    There is a "Disable smilies in text option". Bottom of the screen Additional Options > Miscellaneous Options. You may have to click "Go Advanced" to see it. I can't help you with the other issue though.
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    Yes, we have Direct TV, and the genie is on the same network. My question on that part was WHY do I have FOUR occurrences of "DIRECTV2PC Media Server" and FOUR occurrences of "DIRECTV Mediashare Renderer"? Do I delete three of them? Are they all different somehow?

    As for the drives with the multiple drive letters... Does this mean there's a problem of some kind? Does everyone's Windows 8.1 have this in some random fashion? What's causing the multiple drive letters?
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    Nope, only have one drive letter, and 4 networked computers, a network blueray and TV..

    don't feel to bad though - another poster has all the icon upside down on his..

    Sometimes it is good to be different, sometimes it is not..

    I would try the installation again if it where me..
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    I changed the drive letter to see if that would change it... Nope. Removed the drive letter. Nope.

    FINALLY, I opened the drive properties and found that SOMETHING (and I SWEAR it wasn't me), had taken the drive letter and APPENDED IT to the drive label. And whatever it was, apparently I did it at LEAST twice, 'cause the drive label had (T colon closing parenthesis TWICE... Fixed the labels and I'm back to 1 drive letter... I have no idea what DID the appending, but now that I know that's what it is, if it happens again I can fix it.......

    Which just leaves me with the question about the multiple media servers and mediashare renderers... It's no big deal to ignore having 4 of each, it's just odd...
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Multiple drive letters and odd devices
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