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SSD Hybrid drive installation

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    SSD Hybrid drive installation

    Just purchased a Western hybrid ssd drive (WD-10S12X), and cannot get the computer to recognize it. I have a fairly new Lenovo with a 2.5 built in drive that works great with my 125G SSD Drive.I also have a USB adapter and a separate Power/USB hookup that works fine with my SSD. None work in recognizing this drive. Now before I return it, I would like any of you Pro's if you have any ideas as to a mistake on my part, as I have never used a SSD/Hybrid drive before. T.I.A. P.S. I did download a installation driver from Western, and when I went to install, it did not find the drive.

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    Since there are no responses, I'll give it a try by including this from the WD site:

    Microsoft Windows 64-bit Operating Systems and WD products

    Answer ID 1430 | Last Updated 10/09/2014
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    External Hard Drives
    Our external hard drives should work with 64-bit operating systems. But, again, there are some things you need to keep in mind:

    • Drivers for most Western Digital USB and FireWire external hard drives are already included in all 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems.
    • When Western Digital drives are connected to the computer, the operating system should automatically recognize that there is a new device and install the drivers for that device to function on that system.
    • Western Digital does not provide any generic drivers for our external hard drives in the event that the system drivers do not load properly.
    • In the event that one of our drives does not install on your operating system, here are some simple troubleshooting tips you can follow:
      1. Plug the power adapter directly into the wall to make sure the drive is getting enough power.
      2. Change the USB/Firewire cable to make sure that the cables aren't bad.
      3. Try the drive on another PC. If the drive installs on that PC, and you can see it in the Windows Explorer, then you know that the drive is good.
      4. If it doesn't show up in Windows Explorer, but does show up in Disk Management, then the drivers are installed and you most likely have a format or partition issue. In which case, please see:

      5. If the drive doesn't show up in either Windows Explorer or Disk Management, then the drive should be replaced.

    • If the drive shows up on another PC, then there may be driver issues with the operating system where it's not installing. You will need to contact Microsoft Support at for further help troubleshooting your operating system.

    Internal Hard Drives
    Our internal drives should work fine installed on 64-bit operating systems. However, there are several things you should keep in mind:

    • Any drivers required for installing a WD internal hard drive, whether with RAID, SATA, or EIDE onboard controllers or controller cards, are provided by the motherboard or controller card manufacturers, and not WD.
    • Western Digital does not provide any drivers of any kind for installing our hard drives on any operating systems.
    • Make sure you have the latest BIOS updates for your motherboard, as well as all the latest motherboard driver updates.
    • If there are any issues with the drive being recognized by the BIOS, this might not be a "driver" issue. It could be a BIOS issue (outdated or misconfigured), cable issue, SATA/EIDE port issue, or even a drive issue. That's why we recommend updating the BIOS, changing the cable, and if that doesn't work, trying the drive in another PC. If the drive isn't recognized in another PC, then most likely something is wrong with the drive and it should be replaced.

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SSD Hybrid drive installation
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