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Any way to test health of hard drive? 8.1

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    Quote Originally Posted by stringjunky View Post

    Both are good tools, but you can ascertain that there is a physical problem with the diagnostic tool quicker. You can infer from consistent data corruption occurring via Windows that something is wrong with the drive but it could also be an OS problem so you have two variables to worry about instead of one with the. diagnostic.
    Thank you. I was thinking it could possibly be something "physical" but then I was thinking there was no way for that to be the case since the drive was so relatively new. The thing that threw me off was that I had absolutely had no issues with the drive until the other night when I bumped the power cord and it shut off so I tbought it was something minor . I did use the command prompt tools and the disk repair tools and it said things were fixed .guess not

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pittguy578 View Post
    Ran the Western Digital diagnostics .. Too many bad sectors . Drive is literally about a year old. I had RMAd the first one last January and they sent me a new one. Can't believe this. Two bad drives from them
    a lot of hdd makers send refurbish drives for rma drives.
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    I am not sure if I am going to RMA this one. Maybe I will do it, but I am going to get a brand new Seagate 1 TB at Best Buy tomorrow. The Seagate 250 GB Drive I have now as my primary temporarily has been around for literally 6-7 years with no issues. If I do get an RMA, I will use it as a 3rd backup or sell it on Ebay

    Quick question..if I am able to get the new drive tomorrow. and.if I am able to get the old drive to work..if I image the old drive to the new one will there automatically be errors?
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    No, if the image works, it should be OK. You could also try to clone it, but that takes a lot longer.
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    @Pittguy578 - You could just be having a bad luck streak with drives, but note (if unlucky) even a single sudden loss of power can corrupt a hard drive. If you have had several power outages, or if your power supply is a bit unstable, these problems may persist. You might consider swapping in a known good PSU.

    Quote Originally Posted by whs
    You can also run a chkdsk /f /r
    Quote Originally Posted by caperjack
    chkdsk /f /r in Command Prompt.

    the f=fix. the r= repair
    Sorry guys but there is some confusion here. You don't need to use /f with /r because /r "implies" (already includes) /f.

    In other words, all you need is chkdsk /r and chkdsk will attempt to fix any error AND recover any readable information on that drive, just as if you used chkdsk /r /f.

    Also, please note /r is for "recover" not repair and this is why /r includes /f - the drive cannot recover any data without first attempting to fix the error at that location.

    To verify this yourselves, use the common DOS /? switch. Open a command prompt and enter chkdsk /?. There you will see examples of all the syntax options, and their descriptions. Note if you know your drive was formatted using the NTFS file system, you could use chkdsk /b and this will "imply" (include) /r which already implies /f.
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    You don't even need command prompt, just right c: drive > tools tab > error checking:
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    Yep! Error Checking does the same thing. Note with W7 and before, you need to check both options to enable /r.
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    sorry for the error with the /R ,i was going from a very bad memory [mine]should have doubled checked before I posted .

    just because the drive is so new doesn't mean it can be bad ,I have seen new drives that were bad from the factory
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    I have used WD Black drives for years and they are the only ones I know about that still have a 5 year warranty.
    Had one fail a few years ago and RMA was easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pittguy578 View Post

    Quick question..if I am able to get the new drive tomorrow. and.if I am able to get the old drive to work..if I image the old drive to the new one will there automatically be errors?
    Like whs says you should be ok if the image works. The new media that the image is on should be sound so it's not liable to further corruption. You can run chkdsk to fix any errors in the old image once put on a new drive and it should stay that way.
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Any way to test health of hard drive? 8.1
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