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Cannot control fan with SpeedFan or BIOS in Asus VIVOPC

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    Cannot control fan with SpeedFan or BIOS in Asus VIVOPC

    I just bought a neat little rig, an Asus VIVOPC-VM40B-02. It's a nice little desktop computer.
    Although quiet, it is not silent. The nominal fan speed is ~2000 RPM and can be heard in the quiet early mornings.

    I have another computer that I have successfully implemented SpeedFan on. I configured it to turn on the system fan according to a schedule. In the cooler winter months, at "checking-email-speed" the fan does not even come on. When streaming live football games, it comes on but only up to around 800 RPM. That experience is very good, since the machine ends up being silent nearly all the time.

    I am trying to get this new computer to do the same. I discovered that Asus uses a fan control feature called Q-fan. As I tried to get SpeedFan to work, I learned that Q-fan could be blocking this. So, went into BIOS and turned off Q-fan. Indeed that makes a difference. With Q-fan off, the machine runs the fan at full, 4300 RPM. Sadly, there are no other options to control in BIOS. Just on/off (a different computer I have allows PWM values to be changed, not so with this Asus BIOS).
    Having a high start speed would be OK if SpeedFan would then take over and control the fan. Fiddling with all the knobs I can see in SpeedFan, I just can't get it to control the fan.

    Is it possible SpeedFan will just not control this fan? (separately have read that there are some MOBOs that it just won't control - looking at the supported MOBOs on SpeedFan site, I do not see it listed, but it could be just too new).

    Are there other ways, or other 3rd-party utilities, that can be used to control the fan?
    Thank you

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    Not all computers work correctly with Speedfan.
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Cannot control fan with SpeedFan or BIOS in Asus VIVOPC
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