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How to avoid pendrives letters changing?

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    Windows 3.1 > Windows 10

    here is how you would search for a drive letter based on the Volume label.. Which you would need to label the exthd and Password disk

    Label your External Hard drive say (EXTHD1) and your usb stick (say PASSWORD1)

    set DriveLabel=EXTHD1

    for %%a in (a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z) do (
    for /f "tokens=6 delims= " %%i in ('vol %%a: ^|find "drive"') do (
    echo %%i | find /i "%DriveLabel%" > nul
    if not errorlevel 1 set DriveLetter=%%a
    %driveletter%\ and what ever path

    What that part does is it finds the volume label EXTHD1 and then the drive letter assigned to it..

    How do you select the file output when doing backups.. does the program ask you where to save it?
    Or is a .bat or ,cmd file

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    Windows 3.1 > Windows 10

    the most common backup is a file type copy..

    So the next part would be

    copy C\picures %driveletter%\Folder\
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    I get what you are saying. I've used SyncToy with external drives in the past, and if the drive letter was changed, the software wouldn't be able to create a new sync/backup. I'm just saying that your drives shouldn't be getting different letters, unless something is already plugged in and using the letter you want/need to work.

    Hello DeaconFrost,
    I will give up this problem for awhile.
    Im retired, and my house is full to the brim, with my wife, 2 grandsons (4 and 5y old), my 2 daughters and husbands.
    Besides, with a temperature like that of Orlando in mid August.
    Quite impossible to have a moment of my own.

    I will return to this matter in a couple of weeks.

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How to avoid pendrives letters changing?
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