I received a Samsung SyncMaster U70 display as a gift, and after setting it up for the first time it worked perfectly. But, as soon as I restarted the PC, after the login screen when the desktop is displayed on the primary monitor, this small display seems to be stuck at the same color as the login screen background.

Upon clicking anywhere on the screen of this smaller display, I can only open the Win8.1 default start screen, and after I click the desktop tile, the screen reverts back to displaying the original background color only.

I have the Pro version of DisplayFusion installed, but I've verified that the issue persist after uninstalling that software, so that can't be the cause. Also, if I use the "Locate" button in the "Monitor settings" of said application, the original display is shown with the task bar and all other open apps under the overlay that's displayed:

Click image for larger version

I have no idea what's causing this issue, and it's driving me crazy. The only way I can get the screen to show up properly is by doing a System Restore to one day before I got the device.

Any and all help would be highly appreciated, and if I missed anything, feel free to ask for any details related to this issue.