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Need advise with using io drives.

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    Need advise with using io drives.

    Hi i was looking at some io drives and they seem to have a lot better spec's than a SSD and claim not to have to the read/write limited lifetime that a SSD has but have 4 x read/write speed of too. I know they are made for servers but i was thinking if i could get one in place of a SSD it would last longer than if it were used in a server, especially a good one:

    1. If it the spec's are higher than the rest of the PC there is little chance of damaging it.

    2. I can still use it when i plan to build a new rig in the next 6 - 12 months( the one i seen had 3 year warranty )

    3. Because of the high storage capacity you could run it of regular cheap HDD's

    4. And just because there fast as s**t the one i looked at had 1100Mb/s read and write, and came in 410/825/3.2TB

    I havent had a SSD yet so how may would you buy over 3 years as they come down in price & in larger sizes i know some people that swap them out just so they have the newest possible but using these io drives what are the draw backs? Do the loose the memory when powered down? Price? etc I'm sure some of you guys use them at home or work what do you think? I have found a usb 3 adaptor cable so i can use my old ram chipsets like a ready boost type set up. And there's another topic there what good are usb 3 ports when most (affordable) flash drives run at usb 1 speed i managed to get 20Mb/s write and 120Mb/s read out of kinston G3 data traveller when formatted with certain unit sizes but spending $100+ on a 64G usb with high transfer rate i think we are getting ripped here usb 3 is a standard now the drives that use them should be too i bet they dont cost much more to make. Anyway can i put these io drives in my desk top assuming i have the card that supports it ?

    Oh yeah here is the link -------->

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    most (affordable) flash drives run at usb 1 speed

    • USB 1.1 = 12 Mbit/s
    • Firefire 400 = 400 Mbit/s
    • USB 2.0 = 480 Mbit/s
    • FireWire 800 = 800 Mbit/s
    • USB 3.0 = 5 Gbit/s
    • eSATA = Up to 6 Gbit/s right now as it depend on the internal SATA chip.
    • Thunderbolt = 10 Gbit/s 2 (2 channels)
    • Thunderbolt 2 = 20 Gbit/s

    USB 1.0 was even slower at 1.5Mbit/s, mostly good for joysticks, keyboards and mice.

    b = bits
    B = Bytes
    8 bits = 1 Byte

    Sometimes plugging in a USB 2 drive will pop up a note about it working faster in a USB 2 port, when that happens I simply shut the computer down, unplug the power cord for a few seconds then put it back and try again.
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    Is there a way to check usb speeds because my old laptop with the older sata connector seems to do better than the usb 3.0 on my newer one and there is no way that sata is running at full speed cause all the internals would be cooked and worn out from years of running games could it be the drivers?
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Need advise with using io drives.
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