Hi, I have a 40GB corsair SSD. I used it once for a few days but I upgraded to a 240GB. I put the 40GB away and now I want to use it for something else.

I had my OS on the 240 but I did an update and drivers weren't available (I was using windows technical preview) (Windows 10) So I used in an old 120 gig Sata hard drive and put windows 8 on it to do my testing until I get things working.

When I plug the 40 in my computer via sata cable nothing would show up, even though it always used to. So I put my motherboard in ACHI mode. Now it shows up (sometimes). Sometimes after going into properties in disk management, it will disappear and I have to restart my PC. It doesn't always show up too. I'm using windows disk manager to manage it by the way.

It says the file system is RAW. I've read about this a bit and I know this isn't good. All I want to do is format the ssd and be able to use it again. I don't have any data on it so I don't care what happens to it I just want to use it again.

I've also tried diskpart in an elevated command prompt. Still nothing.

Any help would be appreciated I hope I gave enough info, thanks.