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The Problem With 1366x768 (widescreen) Tablets

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    The Problem With 1366x768 (widescreen) Tablets

    So having read about the minimum sized screen requirement for metro apps (1026x768), I got curious to see what would happen if I rotated my screen, (which is the smallest possible to enable snap: 1366x768) and launch some apps to see what they look like. To be clear, rotating my screen means that the width falls below the 1026 minimum width to 768. The outcome: Well it's not so good.

    All of my usual apps launched in 90deg rotation mode, but only some of them would properly show all of the content -- News Republic, for example, didn't have any problems detecting the screen width (despite it being narrower than the minimum allowed) and justified text so that you could read it all. Pirates (Heart) Daisies, on the other hand, ran the app in the middle of the screen with the outward edges extending past the viewable area.

    Did Microsoft overlook the screen rotation issue for tablet users? Or will new Windows 8 tablets have a minimum resolution of 1026 in both landscape and portrait mode?

    Windows 8 is said to be designed to detect "retina" style displays and show bigger/higher resolution screen elements to take advantage of the pixel density so just having a retina display probably won't solve the screen rotation issue with high density widescreens that have a comparable aspect ration to 1366x768.
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The Problem With 1366x768 (widescreen) Tablets
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