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    Power supplies


    How do I choose the correct power supply for my new build computer!

    It will have an ASUS Motherboard With I5 processor, 1 TB HD & 8MB Memory?

    I always used to just guess & I think I always was way over the top!

    Any suggestions will be appreciated!

    That Old Fart


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    This has some good information.
    Learning Center,Power Supplies -
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    Thanx Clint!

    Brilliant Reply!

    That Old Fart

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    Note the Newegg PSU Calculator is broken! Don't use it. I have reported it to Newegg, but so far, they have done nothing about it!

    For example, if you select Intel i5, high end motherboard, AMD R9 290X graphics, 4 x 4Gb DDR3, 1 Blu-ray drive and 3 7200 HDs, it recommends a MONSTER 1214W watt PSU! That is WAY WAY overkill.

    So I recommend you use the eXtreme PSU Calculator Lite to determine your minimum and recommended power supply unit (PSU) requirements.

    Plugging in the same values, you get a much more realistic recommendation of 490W. Building in a safe buffer by selecting 100% TDP and System Load and 10% capacitor aging, you still only get a recommended 593W.
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Power supplies
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