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Cloned my old HDD to a new SSHD but it will not boot.

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    "Long Thread Sorry - If there is a way to make this smaller please feel free "

    So i did as you suggested on #40, And it seemed to work fine, so i tried shutting down my PC, but instead of shutting down it just goes back to my login screen where i put in my Password before reaching the desktop.

    I checked powercfg /energy and it found a couple of errors:

    Energy Efficiency problems were found.
    11 Errors
    9 Warnings
    28 Informational

    See C:\Windows\System32\energy-report.html for more details:

    Below is what the file says: I have no idea what any of this means. (Nevermind solved this by Turning off the fast start option on power options)
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    You are in good company. I have no clue either.
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    WHS! i am back lol, Ok so i keep running into this problem when i use EasyBCD to delete the unwanted boot.

    When i follow your instructions on Dual Boot - Delete a OS - Windows 7 Help Forums, Steps 3,4 and 5 and i restart my PC i get the error message that "Windows failed to start: Please inster Windowns installation CD" I am able to get past this due to my USB (Restore CD) which Macrium made me make.

    So i guess my question is, any idea why this happens?


    Hmm i seem to have solved this as well, not sure how, I just went into System settings and Advanced Start up and Recovery:

    Changed the Default operating system and set the time to display to 1 second. Now it seems to boot correctly, not even sure if that is what solved it.

    Thanks for all your help!
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    Good man - if you do it yourself, you know it's done correctly.
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Cloned my old HDD to a new SSHD but it will not boot.
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