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USB external hard drive and usb stick win 8.1 not working

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    USB external hard drive and usb stick win 8.1 not working


    my seagate external hard drive and my kingston usb stick suddenly stopped working on my win 8.1 notebook. i have been using them both for months without any problems and they still work perfectly fine on other (windows 7 and vista) computers. My notebooks hardware should be fine because my samsung galaxy s3, connected to my win 8.1 notebook via usb (as media device) works.

    i suspect this sudden change of behavior is related to currently released windows updates which got installed some days ago - but i am not sure. i also found some people experiencing similar usb storage device related problems since last week and/or last windows updates on the web. for example here and here.

    more detailed description of problem: when i connect the external hard drive to my notebook via usb, it gets powered up (it starts spinning, but shortly after that gets powered off/shut down). when i connect my usb stick, its led does not start to light or flash/blinking. both are showing up in the device manager folder "Other devices" with yellow exclamation mark as "Desktop" (which is the hd) and "DT Rubber 3.0" (the stick). the hardwareIDs are USB\VID_0BC2&PID_3300&REV_0130 (=hd) and USB\VID_0951&PID_168E&REV_0100 (=stick)


    i uninstalled all recent windows updates including the ones dating back to 11.11.2014 (date published). now my usb hd and stick are working again! so i really think that one of this updates is responsible. i'll try to determine which one is it exactly and post it here when i find out.

    thx for your time
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    UPDATE 2:

    i installed all the updates including the most recent ones again except following one:

    November 2014 update rollup for Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, and Windows Server 2012 R2

    this is a 800 MB optional, not important update. in the update description there are some mentions about USB stuff. as my usb hd and stick are now working perfectly fine (with all updates installed except this one) i am going to assume that this update really caused the problem.

    i mark this as solved
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USB external hard drive and usb stick win 8.1 not working
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