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strange noise from PC

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    strange noise from PC

    About 2 days ago i opened PC case to do my regular maintenance of dusting inside. Usually use Compressed air.

    Have 2 case fans (1) 92mm (1) 80mm plus the CPU Cooler fan, my Graphics card has dual fans.

    Just other day and this only happens when i am booting the PC, i hear what sounds like and what i can only describe as a horn sound as the fans speed up at boot , then it goes away as fans slow when i reach the sign on page. After i do not hear any noises from them at all.

    As usual i know my graphics card fan speeds up when i boot the PC this is normal i know. This issue does not happen every time, it's occasional since day i dusted it out. Weird part is when i opened it to inspect the possible cause i reboot number of times and nothing happens with case open, thinking possible vibration. When i put case cover back on did not do it after a couple of attempts, but eventually did, not every time though.

    Wondering if a case fan, PSU fan, or Graphics card is going because it's not every time, like 1 or 2 out of 10 times i reboot to try it. With cover off it never happened, could it be air flow difference with cover off, a possible vibration but i can not figure it out if i do not remove cover then.

    Kind of stumped, don't see anything possibly loose or could be hitting something inside case.
    Also tried stressing the Graphics card with program called Valley Benchmark to see if card whined, but it handled this good.
    Not sure what else to think, unless compressed air caused some kind of issues.

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    Could have something stuck inside one of the fans around the fan shroud, only rubbing at high speed.
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    ^Yea, since we're not there, best advice would be to thoroughly check the fans, making sure they are very clean, especially where the blade is nearest to another surface. Failing that, you may need to dismantle the fan to be able to get closer to the problem, provided it is able to be taken apart.

    Sometimes you can listen to which fan it is exactly, or CAREFULLY stopping each fan in turn manually until you discover the source. Unless it isn't a fan at all and I missed something.
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    Thanks guys, so far i am here in front of it open. Tried disconnecting one at a time (2) Noctua case fans i have, since they are in there with rubber connectors do not want to pull them out, but seems noise was still there even when they were not connected.

    My other fan with cooler is another option to try. Possible sounds like may be coming from PSU. Heard sometimes this can come from a Optical drive really hard to pinpoint because it does not happen every time, weird part is only with case cover on.

    Since recently dusted it out i will try more, but still can not find source since does not last long only when booting up then stops.
    Rather frustrating, could even be Video card fan, but noise seems higher more near PSU, Optical drive or CPU fan. Which try next,CPU Fan. ty
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    Well i disconnected optical drive, thought might of still heard slight noise kind sounds like horn then slows down.
    Screwed me up disconnecting optical drive as messed up boot process had to go into the BIOS to fix, o.k. now.

    Frustration because not always happening we know intermittent problem is very hard to find.
    Well dusted even more, especially the PSU fan, rebooted several times now, no sound. Sometimes said if it's a fan when bearing possibly warm maybe get worse or other way around, have not noticed a time when this happens certainly not at first start of the day when cool, seems after a restart.

    Well keep on it, thinking PSU or CPU fan, but had CPU Fan go on me once,but it always made noise. See if extra dusting helped, but always dusted it never had this happen, usually careful how i do it.
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    Update: After trying more with this issue, not really able to disconnect CPU Fan to try for issue as i get error from BIOS stating CPU fan error won't boot up, just disconnecting CPU Fan when running would be option except this noise is not there when system is running only on reboot, would not be any help.

    Might believe now could be the Graphics card i removed it and restarted several times with no noises. What happens with this card is when booting up or restarting the Video cards fans speed up very fast, then slow as boot process finishes, a pre-boot test of this card and is natural to do this as it boots. Most likely where the sound is coming from even though kind of hard to pinpoint as sometimes sounds are.

    As said before this graphics card was put under some stress showed nothing, handled well, no odd noises or overheating.
    Unless the PSU still issue along with card, PSU is 600W cards recommended power is 500W, but in general doesn't even use it. Enough on +12v rail 46a.
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    Some motherboards sound the on board speaker alarm for over temperature of the CPU. Which in fact sounds like an alarm horn. I have seen some motherboards that will sound this alarm intermittently when the machine is booting. Annoying, but not a cause for alarm. If you can set the alarm point in the BIOS try bumping it up 5 to 10 degrees.
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    What I do when cleaning with compressed air is to block the fan(s) with a toothpick or small screw driver so the fan blades cannot spin. This reduces the chance of damaging the bearings. If they spin to fast or tilt when spinning it can damage them. One trick to find out where a sound is coming from is to put one end of a drinking straw in one ear and point the other end where you think the sound is coming from. It will muffle all the background noise around it. When you hear your suspect sound the loudest the straw will be pointing at the culprit. That may be hard to do in your case (no pun inteneded) with the side cover on. You could still point it at the power supply and case fans though from the outside. It doesn't have to be a drinking straw, any tube will do, the thinner the diameter the better though.
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    or CAREFULLY stopping each fan in turn manually
    You don't even have to stop them, just CAREFULLY touching the center hub with your finger or wooden popsicle/glue stick to "momentarily" slow the rotation speeds will alter any sound the fan is making, thus making it easy to determine if that fan is the source of the sound.

    Running a case with the side panel off is not a good idea because the side panels also serve the purpose of channeling the air flow through the case. With a side panel off, the flow is disrupted and potential hot pockets of stagnant air is possible. So if you want to run with the side panel off, I recommend blasting a desk fan in there while troubleshooting.

    You need to be monitoring your temps. I use and recommend CoreTemp for newer Intel and AMD CPUs. Speedfan is popular but does not always properly match sensor to label.

    Speccy (from the makers of CCleaner) will report on all your temps (if the hardware maker included sensors).
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    Thanks Alphanumeric i recall idea of stopping blades when cleaning, usually careful.Straw idea is a new one to me, but rather good idea.

    @ Itaregid this is probably why i suspected the noise was not there when case panel was off, same exact thoughts i had, it disturbs the Air flow which makes perfect sense.

    Problem was this sound does not happen every time as said, could be 1-2 out of 10 tries of a restart, believe this occurs when it gets warmer, meaning bearings on possible fan, never on a cold boot or restart until PC is used for awhile. Do not know if i said this before i do monitor temps and saw nothing out of ordinary, even played games that stress the card and monitored temps.

    With games i will use AIDA64 Engineer combined with Rivertuner statistics so shows in game temps too.

    O.k. after disconnecting each case fan and determining it wasn't them, i removed the Graphics card at that point i restarted numerous times and did not hear it, this was when PC was warmed.

    Might of said this too, but this video card revs up fast at restarts or cold boot, sort of a pre test of card during boot. So when this card gets to highest speed was when i usually heard it and as it spins down.

    Seems culprit most likely the card, even though handles well, performs o.k. on PC and in games.

    @PCGEEK11 No do not think this is an alarm, as said do not see drastic change in temps, think would happen during stressing the CPU and card too.

    TY, GUYS
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strange noise from PC
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