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Unable to install/open/run programs on 8 with touch screen

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    Unable to install/open/run programs on 8 with touch screen

    Hi All!
    I'm trying to help a friend install Firefox on her tablet, but she can't get it, (FF), to open & install after she's downloaded it & if she tries to run it from Mozilla's site, (without saving it to her desktop first), she gets a message that she "can't open this file", (she lives by herself, so no one else ever uses her tablet).
    I'm trying to help her over the phone, & even though I run 8.1, I have a "normal" laptop that uses a mouse & has a desktop image rather than the metro style. In other words, we have a hard time communicating because we do the same things VERY differently!
    My initial thought is that there may be an issue with her AV program/firewall blocking downloads, but, unfortunately, she doesn't know how to find "Program Files (x86)". I tried to have her do a "search" to see if she could find Norton, McAfee, etc., but she said she doesn't have a place to type in a search topic. Needless to say, she's embarrassed about not knowing more about her device, but I know there MUST be a way to figure this out without calling the Geek Squad, (they set it up for her, but didn't teach her anything!), so I knew that someone here will know a way for me to help her figure out why she can't install something as simple as Firefox!
    I was able to direct her to Programs & Features, & believe it or not, it says "There are no programs installed"!!! This just has to be wrong, otherwise she couldn't use her tablet, right?? She's able to use Bing to search, (using IE), but why/how can a device do anything if "no programs are installed"????
    Well, that's my problem. I'm trying to help my friend install Firefox, but her touch screen tablet won't let her. I really hope someone will help me so that I can help her.
    Thanks in advance for any & all suggestions!

    Best Regards,

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    One important item you left out. What tablet is she using?

    Sounds like it's a Windows RT device (Surface or similar). NOT Surface Pro, just Surface or Surface 2. There are other Windows RT devices out there as well.

    If she has a Windows RT device installing Firefox is simply not an option. At least right now.
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Unable to install/open/run programs on 8 with touch screen
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