To all,

I have been searching everywhere but can not find the solution.

In previous versions of Windows, after 2 Bluetooth devices are paired, you can select or connect the device you want to use. You can have device that connect automatically or it can be manual.

In windows 8 or 8.1 I can not find the way to selectively connect a device. For example, i have a Bluetooth speaker and 2 computers physically next to each other. The speaker automatically connect to one of the computer. If I want to connect the speaker to the other computer , (both are 8.1) i do not have any option to disconnect one and connect the other except if i remove the device from both computer and pair it again to the computer i want to use. Same example if i want to connect two computers via bluetooth. In that case the connection is not automatic and i have to remove both devices and pair the devices again.

Any ideas.

Thank you,