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Coprocessor Not Found 8.1 (Computer Freezes)

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    Instead I went to Device Manager where the coprocessor should be shown with a warning symbol
    This is where I am confused. I don't remember seeing co-processor in Device Manager in many many years. Just checked and co-processor is not on any of my W7 or W8 systems now. That said, they are all Intel systems, so maybe someone with AMDs can take a look.

    Also, while W7 drivers may work with W8, it is not a certainty. So for sure, don't even think of installing W8 until you have a viable backup of all your data.

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    co processor drivers

    The driver you require is on your comp.

    Go to device Mananger> select processor,(the error marked 1)>Update driver>
    LET ME CHOOSE > (untick compatible drivers) select CHIPSET and away you go
    had this on 7 and eight, posted about this before. normal MS or google search will NOT find the driver.

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    Window 8.1

    I wanted to thank everyone who helped me solve this issue. It was as simple as hung to msi website downloading the latest motherboard driver. Unzipping it and the going to missing coprossesor and pointing it to that driver. Thanks for everyone's help.

    Not sure if this will fix freezes but i hope it does! That's another problem for another page! Thanks again all!
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Coprocessor Not Found 8.1 (Computer Freezes)
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