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eGalax touch screen- Windows 8 thinks it's a mouse

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    windows 8

    when i use the "elo touch system usb touchscreen windows 8" driver instead of HID Mouse, the touchscreen still work (no error 10), but nothing more than usual.

    This driver isn't HID compliant ?
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    windows 8

    Just a question, Who succeed into using the touchscreen (as a mouse or not) calibrated ? Event the Official drivers does not work on win7 for me. The calubration tools can't find any touchscreen device.

    Maybe my screen is diferent, but how can I know ?
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    The calubration tools can't find any touchscreen device.
    Do you have more then one screen connected? If so, you have to enable multi-monitor support and select the correct display (it's some around-clicking ... do it until the calibration finally starts on the correct screen).
    Btw. after that much playing with differnet drivers, my screen is not working at all, too, at the moment (in Win7). But this OS is going to be gone in a few weeks.

    Who succeed into using the touchscreen (as a mouse or not) calibrated ?
    As a "mouse" with the standard driver, (and after multi-monitor click-orgy) calibration always worked and stayed stable afterwards. Even upside-down. But just mouse only...
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    windows 8

    I recently bought a new controller for my 5 wire resistive touch screen. After connecting it to the computer, it was recognised as a touch panel, not a pen any more.

    I did what conandrum
    said, but i'm not sure it's the reason why it's worked. Maybe it's not related, maybe it is. I will say it to you when i will install the final version on my kitchen computer.

    The controller i got is this one :
    5-wire Resistive Touch Panel controller USB HID 1.1 en vente sur (fin le 06-sept.-12 01:15:13 Paris)

    datasheet :

    it works even better than the original one I had.

    I hope i helped you guys

    edit: add the datasheet.
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    windows8 rp

    there is not recently news?
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    Windows 8

    I don't have an eGalax touchscreen, but I do have the same problem described in this thread. I was able to fix the problem by disabling a device (Microsoft Input Configuration Device) from device manager:

    Click image for larger version

    I don't know if this will work for you guys, but it may be worth a shot.
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    Hello again.

    Finally I switched to Windows 8 RTM. It took me a while (get other things running was more important).

    Really interesting @ ztec!
    Metro is not as useful as expected, so i opened my screen, too
    My touch pad has just 4 wires - controller would be replacable with some soldering (not the problem). Can I omit the fifth wire (top) using just the corners? What's your opinion? Or is there another new Controller?
    E.g. this eBay | 4 wire Resistive LCD touch screen panel USB port controller touch panel driver ?
    This has a small chip (thinner pins, smaller pin distances), somehow like in your link (unfortunately none of the pics readable). My old one has a bigger chip (really fat, older style, CY7C63743-SC 0420, A 02 625505). Had your old one a bigger chip, too?

    Also a four-wire screen supports HID (real touch), since it worked with this 32-bit beta driver correctly (but 32 bit is useless). So it should be possible. But actually NONE of the 4-wire Controllers on ebay is marked "HID" like your link. The 5-wire ones are.
    It's not about wasting the 10 bucks. But I have to wait 4-6 weeks for stuff from China or HK, i would post any successful results, but if the first controller does not work as HID, and the second, and the third ...

    And I recognized another thing: my screen is quite low-res. 640x480 native, unreadable 1280x768 max. interpolation (yeah it's 15:9 with anamorph pixels...). That works with Metro. MS's Spec was 1366x768 at minimum I think. But it's not really nice, hard to read. At low res you have just 2 rows - better to read but really unhandy.

    Edit: This one has a chip with 4-sided pinout, too.
    4 wire Resistive touch screen controller for USB | eBay
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    windows 8

    Previously, I had this controller :
    It can manage 4 and 5 wire touch panel but is not HID compliant enough.

    I can't tell you if you can drop one wire on a 5wire controller to drive a 4wire touch panel. I think not regarding all mathematics i saw on some data sheet to calculate coordinates in 4 or 5 wire mode.
    I looked too (ebay and other) to find a 4wire controller witch are explicitly HID1.1 compliant but did not find anything at all. Unfortunately, you will probably need to check them all :-(

    Here are pictures of my old controller then new controller. Same as data sheet I posted here and before, but in HiRes, to read numbers and see the serials.

    old controller : - old card by ztec - old card other side by ztec

    new controller HIDcompliant : - new card by ztec - new card other side by ztec
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    Your "old" controller is even listed to be "HID-USB Model : USB 2.0 Full Speed".
    So in theory, way better than a low-speed device that clogs up your hub with its everlasting long transmits.
    So you even can't rely on such descriptions. It's hilarious.

    I tried the new laptop a colleague bought. At first sight it seems to have a simple touchpad. But this thing can handle up to 3 fingers, gestures and so on. It's amazing although you work NOT directly on the screen, superior in so many aspects to my touchscreens. It's so pity, in the end it's just software. Those pads have always been capacitive, for 15 years or more.

    Secretly to myself i want to drop all my "old" stuff and get something "modern". I'm such a consumption victim
    But you can't develop everything further on your own, even if it is possible to some degree.
    Gosh, had no problems if I hat no stuff. Consumption victim again, former days
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    Windows 8

    Quote Originally Posted by KriLL3 View Post
    Does touch not work for any of your sans drivers? works out of the box for me except awful calibration
    I saw you have quite the same hardware I just installed, same components, except the manufacturer seems different :

    Click image for larger version

    I get mine on a 10.2" netbook - Samsung nc10.
    I bought this panel specifically for windows 8 use, feel a little anger to only have a "mice screen".

    This panel really need specific driver, i.e. it is non-standard :
    It acts as badly on Linux systems as it is on Windows 8 with default drivers, axis are inverted plus it don't have the same feeling if you go left or right.

    I inverted the input cable from the screen, for better results, but it is not quite good.

    Thing is, as it seems like a white label , maybe we can find a different manufacturer who provide recent win8 drivers.

    If I find anything new I will populate this topic.

    /* Edit */
    Drivers on other places :
    Welcome to Visual Touch WorldTouch screen drivers|touchkit driver-TouchKit Manufactures-
    ... And much much more
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eGalax touch screen- Windows 8 thinks it's a mouse
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