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    USB Ports

    I have 2 usb ports on the front of my PC. As of late when i put a stick in i get an error message saying it needs to scan. Does it with several different sticks and is intermittent. No problems when i plug a camera etc in. MB is just 12 mths old. It is not an expensive case, ie it was a cheap one. Thanks for your help.

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    it needs to scan.
    What is "it". "It" wanting to "scan" sounds like your security software wants to scan the devices - and I see that as a good thing.

    The case being cheap or not should not be an issue. USB ports are standard (for the USB version). The front panel USB ports are directly connected to the motherboard's front panel USB header.
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    No security software installed. It being Windows 8.1. Thanks.
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    No security software installed. It being Windows 8.1. Thanks.
    What? What on Earth would make you think you don't need security software with 8.1?

    To be sure, Windows Defender is included with Windows 8.x as well as Windows Firewall. These are what I use, but even MS claims you still need to run supplemental security programs to make sure you, or WD did not let something slip by. I use MBAM for that, and of course, I keep Windows fully updated and I am not click-happy on unsolicited downloads, attachments and links.

    Nevertheless, WD may still be the program reporting this. So I ask again, what is "it"?
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    It is win 8.1. Says errors found on USB stick and it needs to scan, always comes up with repair finished. I do have the MS security that comes with 8. Everyone does.
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    I do have the MS security that comes with 8. Everyone does.
    Yes, that is Windows Defender and Windows Firewall. But both can be disabled and replaced, if the user desires. And regardless if using WD and WF, or AVG, Avira or Avast and another firewall, you still should have another anti-malware scanner in your toolbox for supplemental and verification scanning.

    Have you allowed Windows to scan and fix the errors found?

    If you want to disable those warnings, see Disable Scan and Fix for Removable Drives in Windows - but frankly, if I get errors, I don't use that drive for safe keeping of my important files.
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    I now have Malwarebytes installed, just got it. So would you be saying the 2 USB sticks maybe faulty. At times i put different movies on them and the will freeze whilst watching. I had assumed there maybe a problem with the PC when i copy to the stick causing the problem. Funny for 2 to go at the same time. Next time the error comes up i will post it here.
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    Funny for 2 to go at the same time.
    These devices are typically dirt cheap, and not very robust. Personally, I don't trust them to keep my data safe.

    I ask again, have you allowed Windows to scan and attempt to fix the errors?
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    Yes i have but from time to time the same error reappears.
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    I don't think it's security SW that wants to scan those USB drives, most likely windows detected file corruption on them and uses chkdsk to test and fix. It may happen when using same USB memory on different, non-PC devices that use different systems.
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USB Ports
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