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Keymapping Problems for HP Laptop keyboard using SharpKeys

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    Keymapping Problems for HP Laptop keyboard using SharpKeys


    I have a weird problem that I thought I had fixed but suddenly went berserk.

    My W8.1 HP laptop's keyboard (in device manager it says "standard PS/2 keyboard" or something very similar) has the prev track, play/pause, and next track buttons over the F6-F8 buttons.

    However, when I try to use any of these keys, the cursor in the screen has a blue loading circle pop up next to it for a little bit (as if it's thinking..) and then does nothing. Pressing any of these keys does absolutely nothing for the tracks being played, no matter if it's in Windows Media Player, Spotify, MediaMonkey, MusicBee, iTunes...nothing.

    I've been researching how to use a utility to remap these keys, either directly through the registry, or through a tool like SharpKeys. I was really excited to use SharpKeys because it looked like I'd finally get my keys back!

    However, when I went through the remapping process (Add --> Type Key, etc.), when I pressed the keys I wanted to remap, they suddenly started working! I can replicate this multiple times:

    1. music playing in the background
    2. Use SharpKeys to select the key I want
    3. Keypress (play/pause for example)
    4. 2 fold:
      1. SharpKeys recognizes the key I want: Media: Play/Pause (E0_22)
      2. Music gets paused

    5. However when I leave SharpKeys (minimize/click into different, non-SharpKeys application), the play/pause buttons don't work anymore

    What should I do to fix this? I'm pretty lost and I dont know what to do. I did a bunch of research and found all this info about APPCOMMANDS and appkeys and the appkey #14 which apparently takes care of the play/pause functionality. But I'm not savvy enough to figure what to do in the registry to remediate this.

    Hope I've given a clear enough explanation to so I can help someone help me out!

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Keymapping Problems for HP Laptop keyboard using SharpKeys
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