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"Please Insert Disc" prompt when there is a DVD in drive

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    FIXED:"Please Insert Disc" prompt when DVD is in drive

    SOLUTION: Windows 8.1 repair install from original media.

    I keep getting this error:

    Click image for larger version

    When I try to click on a dvd drive, which has a DVD inside.

    It doesn't matter which of my DVD drives nor which DVD disc is used.

    So, Windows doesn't recognize the DVDs (or CDS or Blu-Rays) inside the drives.

    Does anybody have any ideas as to what might be causing this?

    My system is Windows 8.1 Pro x64 with all updates. Drives are both SATA and PATA drives.
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    Possible bad machines but just in case it's because of the drivers' go to Device manager, find drives and uninstall them, reboot and proper drivers should be installed.
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    Thank you for your input.

    I tried this (Device Manager / Uninstall / OK / Reboot) as Administrator:

    Click image for larger version

    However, this did not cure the problem.

    All the drives are 100% functioning (6 of them), they are not broken.

    They are on 2 separate controllers and the controllers are also working fine (discs can be read / written to 100% ok).

    Only I can't browse the discs contents in Windows File Explorer, as Windows keeps ejecting the drive trays and asking me to insert a disc.
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    Thanks TairikuOkami. I tried all those.

    Still the same problem
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    Ironically I've been having weird DVD drive issues as well although mine has been disappearing or delaying. I also have a Lite-on writer as well. Anyway it's weird because I've never had issues before in the past so I wound up replacing that drive with a new one - still Lite-On.

    During the replacement I discovered one of my extension cables connecting to the power cable to the drive had a loose wire. So check your connections.

    Anyway I was still having issues, maybe because the loose wires hosed the driver install, so I wound up doing a Repair Install Windows 8. Luckily I do have a physical disk so that worked out fine for me. For now all seems to be good but...

    One other thing I did do as well... check Lite-On's site and see if there's a firmware update for your drive. If so, give it a try. My old drive did have a firmware update that I applied, but at that time I saw no improvement; however, this was before I discovered the loose wire. But check here: Software Tools > Utilities and look for SmartPack - Firmware Auto Upgrade.

    Thus my suggestions are...

    - Check for loose wires
    - Check for firmware update
    - Try a repair install
    - Replace drive

    Looking back now I don't think my old drive needed to be replaced. This is why I listed replace last.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks. I have six drives. On two separate logical controllers, using four different cables.I

    I've rechecked them all.

    Yet, the problem persists.

    However, the drives are working 100% fine. I just can't browse the contents of the discs from File Explorer.
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    Just for the sake of ensuring system files are good have you run sfc /scannow?

    If good then may take a refresh or repair install as already suggested. No restore point or backup image before this started?
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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Yes, I Have run sfc /scannow in an administrator command prompt. No problems were found.
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    I just installed a brand new BD-RE drive (SATA) and it exhibits the exact same issues:

    1) Drive burns 100% ok (disc verify and scan perfect)
    2) Drive reads data 100% ok (I can read data using an additional software, just not in file explorer)
    3) I can NOT browse the contents of any disc from windows file explorer
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"Please Insert Disc" prompt when there is a DVD in drive
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