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"Please Insert Disc" prompt when there is a DVD in drive

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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Quote Originally Posted by halcyon View Post
    I just installed a brand new BD-RE drive (SATA) and it exhibits the exact same issues:

    1) Drive burns 100% ok (disc verify and scan perfect)
    2) Drive reads data 100% ok (I can read data using an additional software, just not in file explorer)
    3) I can NOT browse the contents of any disc from windows file explorer
    Have you not done a repair install as suggested... a few times?

    We can't help you if you're not going to acknowledge or follow the advice already given.

    It could be that a system file got damaged, and only a repair or OS reinstall can fix it.

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    Thanks. I've been trying to avoid repair install. It messes up so many software and causes several days of work to get my work system up to speed.

    Yes, I fully acknowledge that if I can't find any other solution, esp. soon, I'll have to resort to that.

    Thank you for your help.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    Quote Originally Posted by halcyon View Post
    Thanks. I've been trying to avoid repair install. It messes up so many software and causes several days of work to get my work system up to speed.
    You might read up on what a repair install actually does, and does not

    That said, if you have a specially tweaked system, than yeah, certain things will get reset; but for the most part most user settings and software installs will be unaffected.

    I just did a repair install last week as noted in my first post to you and didn't have to reinstall anything or do any user resets. And if you're using a Microsoft account to login, most setting will be restored anyway, along with any Windows Store bought apps.

    At any rate, anytime you do any type of maintenance you should always back up in case something does go wrong.

    Good luck on your decision.
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    I ran the DISM check and got "No Component store corruption detected."

    I also installed the x58 Intel chipset INF drivers (and rebooted). NO help also on that.

    To me it seems like there is something that is taking control of the removable drives (incl. SD-cards, not just opticals) once the drives are ejected/re-inserted, and thus preventing File Explorer from accessing them again.

    Almost ready to try the repair re-install... sigh....
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    Quote Originally Posted by sygnus21 View Post
    You might read up on what a repair install actually does, and does not
    Just a minor note. I know what MS promises. And I have done repair re-install myself before.

    I can guarantee you that the promises MS gives on files, settings, programs not being touched is not always honored by repair-reinstall.

    How do I know? Because I've tried it and spent days restoring my apps/settings/system settings back to the way my work flow requires.

    This is not to say it cannot work for you or some other people.

    I'm just writing this for the benefit of other users, who might have a professional, tightly tuned workflow and don't want to touch it (unless it's broken). In that case, repair-reinstall can indeed wreck havoc and I've seen it do so. Yes, it's all repairable manually, but it can take days of work, during which you can NOT do paid work, because your workflow is broken. Hence the reluctance to embark on this process...

    Thanks for understanding.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    To counter...

    Ok. I've had no issues though, and in all my repair installs I've never had to reinstall programs, maybe a driver or two, but never programs.

    As for "tightly tuned workflow" - that's a loosely defined term that could mean anything. Thus if you mean "tightly tuned" as in you severely tweaked Windows beyond "normal user settings" than yeah, a repair install is going to reset things.

    If you mean tightly tuned as in typical user settings, they typically won't be reset. And though Microsoft does warn that possibility does exist, it typically doesn't, as with my Windows 8 repair install.

    With that said - remember there is a reason you're considering a repair install

    Anyway it was a suggestion, and it's a lot easier, and quicker than doing a complete OS reinstall.

    Your decision.

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    Finally did repair-reinstall and what PITA it was. I'm a Retail Windows Pro 8.0 owner (with serial for 8.0) and wanted to repair reinstall to 8.1, to which I had upgraded. Just getting that ISO done was 4 hours of work, because most instructions don't work any more (can't use this serial, can't download that, can't install with that, etc.).

    Things lost :

    - all ramdisks
    - all windows settings
    - all mixer/audio settings
    - optical drive settings
    - desktop background (don't just have pretty pictures, but actually useful background images for sorting stuff in workflow)
    - Windows 8 menu
    - Window manager settings (borders, padding, etc)
    - security software

    Sigh. So much for "keep you settings" promise.

    Ah well, back to restroring manually.

    Thanks for all the help.

    Don't know what was the issue, but so far it seems that "repair reinstall" fixed it.
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    Great but it's to be expected, now make a full backup of system as installed and another one when you set everything up properly. If anything happens you're 15 minutes away from working system.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center

    That was weird but I'm glad to hear you got your issue fixed by doing the repair reinstall. That said here's a list of what does and does not happen... but in computers nothing is "impossible", improbable, but not impossible.

    Note   Note
    Settings that will be Preserved when doing a Repair Install

    • All user accounts.
    • Files in all users' C:\Users\(user-name) folders. (ex: Desktop, My Documents, My Music, etc...)
    • Wireless network connections.
    • Apps from the Windows Store will be kept.
    • All installed 3rd party desktop programs will be kept.
    • Mobile broadband connections.
    • BitLocker and BitLocker To Go settings.
    • Windows Firewall settings.
    • Drive letter assignments.
    • File type associations set per user.
    • Metro apps settings per user.
    • Display settings.
    • Personalization settings such as lock screen background and desktop wallpaper.
    • All users' PC settings will be kept.
    • Choices you made during Windows Welcome, such as computer name and user accounts, will not change.
    • Network, Libraries, and Windows Update settings will not change.
    • Customer Experience Improvement Program settings will not change.
    • Windows Error Reporting settings will not change.
    • Some drivers may or may not be removed, but usually will remain.

    Settings that will be NOT be Preserved when doing a Repair Install

    • Installed Windows Updates will be removed.
    • Some drivers may or may not be removed, but usually will remain.

    Brink's Tutorial: Repair Install Windows 8

    This was exactly my experience.

    But again, happy you got your issue fixed
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"Please Insert Disc" prompt when there is a DVD in drive
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