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drive d not working

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    drive d not working

    hello...i have a computer shows that drive d is healthy and works properly but it does not let me see the files in it. the thing is that when i first open the computer i can access them but after a while it it stops and displays my folders as being empty.....pls help..thanks

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    Hi aadriana!

    Could you give some more information before trying to troubleshoot?
    Is Drive D a hard drive alone, or is it a partition from a hard drive? Usually D is internal, but is this by any chance external may be? When did this problem start? Has anything happened right before this issue occurred, like a virus, a program installation, a power surge etc.?
    What is the hard drive? By manufacturer, model?


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    it is a partition on a hard drive. the hard drive is internal. i discovered later that the problem occurs when my computer is connected to the internet. if i have no connection of such kind, the computer works properly. my computer has 2 hard drives- one bigger with 2 partitions D and E....and a smaller one that contains my partition C with all the programs. This thing affects only the bigger hard drive- the one with 2 partitions......also i scaned my computer for viruses. i previously had a problem with my wireless keyboard (smth happened with it's circuits and it started by itself to mess with my computer through key-shortcuts...but when i realized it i removed it ). i don't know if the keyboard could have produced this. other than that i did nothing else .
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    Hi again!

    This is really strange!
    The Internet connection shouldn't affect the overall or even partial performance of the PC in that way; unless while an active connection was at place, there was a power surge or lightning strike. In that case, though, it's more likely that your PC wouldn't be functioning anymore.
    Unless may be your Ethernet port has been damaged and having a connection through it affects parts of your PC but that's not very probable.
    If the issue occurs only with your D partition, how does the E partition behave when this happens? When are you able to access your files again on partition D?
    I would suggest you first to scan your hard drive to check it's health and partitions state, as this would be more thorough. Your hard drive's manufacturer should have such a software, if you can't find it, you could use the WD Data Lifeguardtool:
    WD Support / Downloads / Other Products / Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows

    Make the Quick and Extended tests, then please share the results.
    After that I would ask you to make a screenshot of your Disk Management. Please make sure that there would be no other windows blocking the information on the screenshot.

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    no....the issue does not occur ony with my D partition, but with the entire hard drive. I use more the D one that is why i haven;t noticed from the very begining. Also...i can access my files again after i restart my computer. When i restart it, if i connect to the internet, the system works fine for about 10-20 minutes untill partition D and E dissapear. If i restart and i do not connect at all to the internet it works properly for hours.

    these are the results when the issue occurs:
    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger versionClick image for larger versionClick image for larger version

    these are the results when i restarted my computer and i had no internet connection:
    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger versionClick image for larger version
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    Hey aadriana!

    Looks like your hard drive disconnects at some point or the partitions periodically disappear and can't be accessed.

    I was curious to why only one of the partitions on your drive would be behaving like this, but since it's the whole hard drive, then it's most likely slowly failing. My advice would be to quickly back up your files to another physical hard drive or to a Cloud, and replace your drive.

    For backing up you could use the WD Smartware software:
    WD SmartWare | Automatic backup software

    Afterwards, on safe ground, try running also the Extended test as it is more detailed and see what it shows.

    Also, here you could check if it's still in warranty to have it RMA-ed:
    WD Support / Warranty Services / Warranty Check for End User

    Best of luck!

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    well....i do not really enjoy the news ) is funny couse it the hard drive is no older than a year. But anyway...thank you very much for your support.
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    I am sorry that I couldn't give you any better news than this.
    Usually when partitions randomly disappear like that it means either the disk is failing or Windows can't detect it. But since your drive is visible in Disk Management I can't imagine if it could be anything else.
    Hard drives are sensitive. Like any other hardware they are designed to "live" for a few years but are also unpredictable and a lot of things can cause them damage, from sudden vibrations to a virus and etc.
    I hope you get your information back safely and good luck!

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    Win 8.1 Pro x64

    Did the big drive used to be your C: drive?
    It's odd that the System Reserved partition is not at the beginning of your C: drive.
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  10. #10 big drive was first designed to be my only drive......but the guy who put together my computer told me there is this new system which implies relationating another smaller hard drive with the big one.....and the smaller one could do all the work in what implies program use (the c partition)....and the bigger drive to be used for storage.......i am not familiar with what exacly happens inside my computer....i kinda told you as it was told to me.
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drive d not working
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