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    WiFi Driver

    If my computer didn't come with being able to connect to my router wirelessly, can I still download the latest driver to make it WiFi compatible.

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    Connect the PC with Ethernet, find out the make of the Wireless card (either Atheros or Realtek) in Device manager and download the driver from:Acer | Download Drivers and Manuals | Acer Official Site
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    Acer said it didn't have a wireless card. I will just stick to LAN with it.
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    If you want Wi-Fi and don't have the adapter in the Notebook, you can get a USB 'dongle' to do it. Some of these stick out only about 1/4" to 3/8":
    USB Wireless Adapters: USB WIFI Adapters - Best Buy
    I have used one quite like the Sabrent at the bottom of the list on my Dell Latitude D810 since the internal adapter died.
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    If my computer didn't come with being able to connect to my router wirelessly, can I still download the latest driver to make it WiFi compatible.
    No. If your computer did not come with Wifi, that means it does not have a wifi "device" (the wireless network "hardware"). Driver enable hardware, they don't take the place of hardware.

    So as Berton suggested, you will need to add wireless support by adding the necessary "hardware" - and (if Windows does not automatically recognize it) installing the drivers for that new hardware to enable it with your specific operating system.

    The little dongle type are convenient, especially when lugging the notebook around, but they often don't provide the best wireless performance due to their fixed antenna orientation - especially if the WAP (the network's "wireless access point") is far away, or on the other side of several walls, floors and/or ceilings that are full of metal pipes and wires, or in a crowded wireless environment where there are many wireless networks - say in a large apartment complex. If that is the case, or if you will be traveling to parts unknown, for best wireless performance, I recommend an adapter with external antennas, like this one, or better yet, this one. Then you can just adjust the antenna for best reception, instead of spinning in your chair and tilting the notebook while you type.
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    I was just curious to see if the driver would enable it. But, since the modem/router is on the same desk as the desktop, I really don't think it needs it. Thanks for the help!
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    But, since the modem/router is on the same desk as the desktop, I really don't think it needs it. Thanks for the help!
    I am assuming you mean because the router (its integrated 4-port Ethernet switch, actually) and computer are near each other so you can connect with an Ethernet cable instead of wirelessly, you don't need wireless. That is true. And in fact, in terms of security, is better as wireless has many more security issues, and depending on many issues, may offer considerably better performance than wireless too.

    My recommendation is to ALWAYS use Ethernet, when possible.
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    Correct! Our Laptops are connected wirelessly though.
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    That is common. Just make sure you use the highest security/encryption you can, and you use a very strong passphrase to get in.
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    We have WPA2. Most people wouldn't think of our password as being what it is. However, we do have a Guest network that stays opened for our guests. But, they don't get access to anything, but the Internet connection.
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WiFi Driver
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