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    We actually have 3 networks. One is the main one that we connect to which is locked, the 2nd one is locked, and the 3rd one is open.

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    We have WPA2. Most people wouldn't think of our password as being what it is. However, we do have a Guest network that stays opened for our guests. But, they don't get access to anything, but the Internet connection.

    the 3rd one is open.
    Does not sound like a good plan to me. Where do you live? That is, do you live in an apartment complex, or a house with neighbors within a couple 100 yards of your house? Or do you live out in the back bayous with no one else around for miles and miles?

    Understand with an open network, ANYBODY, from a nosey neighbor (or their guests!) to a badguy sitting in his car down the block can see and access your network! And from there, they can distribute porn, spam, and/or malware from YOUR network and conduct other malicious and illegal activities like DDoS attacks on governments and banking institutions - using YOUR IP address assigned to YOU, under your name, by your ISP.
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    I live in a neighborhood in Central Alabama (Pell City, Alabama). I have never noticed anyone on our network. But, I do agree with you. It is safer to have it locked. I just get tired of giving out the password all the time to our guests.
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    I just get tired of giving out the password all the time to our guests.
    If it is the same guests bringing their same computers, you shouldn't have to but once - unless they delete it, or you change it.

    I have never noticed anyone on our network.
    You likely wouldn't! They would have to start hogging all your download bandwidth before anything got your attention, and even then, it may not seem as if it is caused by an unauthorized computer attached. Someone using your connection to distribute spam and such would be using your upload bandwidth and likely go unnoticed, unless you just happened to be in your router's admin menu and looking at the "Attached devices" when they connected, and noticed it was not one of your computers.
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    I use a program called NETGEAR Genie.
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    Okay, but same difference. You have to be actively looking at the connected devices list to see if any unauthorized devices have connected.
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    Okay. Well, I locked the Guest network. It now requires a password.
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    Well, don't know about you, but I feel better!
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    Yes! Thank you for your help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Itaregid View Post
    Well, don't know about you, but I feel better!
    Our new neighbors across the street may have been using our Guest WiFi before it was locked, because they are getting Internet right now as we speak of their own.
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WiFi Driver
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